Not For Everyone (members only forum) Problem

When you post there it isn’t showing up on the main forum page.
What is up with that?

@inxilpro @mlarson

From Chris Morrell

“The NFE section isn’t listed on the public categories list due to the nature of the content posted there. To view NFE you have to actually go to that section of the forum.”

I understand that, but it is for member only…
And why did you lock the threads down?

Sound to me like the members are being censored.

Bullcrap answer from Chris.

Fess up.

Yep! …gestapo tactics.
And he locked the threads down. What is up with that?

There is more going on than they are telling us.

I flagged his response and waiting for an answer.

I’m sure, but what?

see this ……

It clearly states …

This is a members-only forum that contains threads that are not for everyone. These may include messages with religious themes, political views, crude humor, or other content that some might find objectionable.

Knowing that if a member doesn’t want to go there then that don’t have to…Huh?

see what?..

I thought you might have missed that I flagged his post.

When you do it goes to staff and you can ask details be given.

Let me know how it turns out.


Fixed… :innocent:

Scott wrote a book about joey.


I don’t get it. At least that’s what I hear a bunch. :smile:

Yep! We need Nick back in the picture.