Helpful non-inspector message board users

Hey folks,

We’re setting up a new user group for helpful non-inspectors users so they can have unmoderated access to the message board (not including the members-only sections). This group is only for non-inspectors, and you must be nominated by an InterNACHI member to get access. Please e-mail me directly to nominate a non-member for this account status.


Can we nominate Ray Wand???:):):wink:

Sweet! I like it. Good decision.

So that leaves us with a message board where you suggest we be censoring only the posts of non-members who nobody knows…

And, although we don’t know them…we must be able to tell from one post if they are telling the truth or intentionally being malicious.

This is getting even tougher.

No, I believe it has boiled down to censoring problematic, non-members. The way it should be. Does the current scenario define if we “know” the non-members or not?

If a non-member is also a non-inspector (ie. can’t join InterNACHI) and has a proven track record of being helpful, it only makes sense to give them more unrestricted access.

The solution to “problematic non-members” is simply to ban them from the message board and delete ALL of their posts…not selected posts.

I’m in full support of that. But that’s not what we’re working with. This new usergroup is what we’re working with and is a great idea.

Censorship is wrong. It has no place on this message board.

In addition to the fact that censorship is simply wrong…is the fact that there is no single member to be trusted by all to carry it out, and Nick wants to find 50 of them.

That’s all dandy Jim, but it’s more rantings of your opinion on what should happen. This thread is about a decision of what IS happening and I support it, that’s all. Everyone is clear that you don’t like censorship, 10-4, gotcha, over and out, we get it.

How about calling them VIP’s?

Our message board is still the wild wild West in comparison to others. For instance, WAHI’s Boad of Directors just passed a motion that prohibits their own members from complaining about their own association. A member going public with a complaint about their association “will be grounds for disciplinary action” at WAHI.

I nominate John Bubber or whatever his real name is.

Hey slappy:

Of course, and Peedy Speetey…and several others who have been helpful.

Maybe I missed something, but what does it matter if they are a non-member non-inspector or a non-member inspector? I don’t see the difference from a message board standpoint.

Win did it become a rule that non-inspectors can’t join INachi? Nick has stated many times that there were members who are not inspectors, including, but not limited to, many of the invisible members.


I have flip-flopped over this issue many times overthe years here, here’s my bottom line.

If non-members want anarchy on our boards, they should be denied PERIOD.

If helpfull non-members enjoy spendingtime here and impart useful information, they should be encouraged to do so. Period.

The crap that we have been seeing over the last few months has been driving some very helpfull people away from this site (and me) I love your no censorship gig … but in the real world it isn’t working.

Give Chris the benefit of the doubt and lets see what works before many of us just up a leave to get away from the BS OK?



Well said.

If you are a home inspector and wish to have full access to the message board, I think it’s only fair that you join InterNACHI. If you are not an inspector, and thus can’t/don’t have a reason to join, that’s a different matter. There are plenty of non-inspector specialists that contribute to our board, and we want to offer them the access they deserve.

Right now non-inspectors can have some of the same access that a member has, but are not considered a member because they have not passed our membership requirements (they’re not listed on our search engines, etc).