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I recently converted photographs from a previous life to digital and thought I would share. Hope some of you enjoy them.

I just glanced but will check them all out when I get a chance. What I saw looked great. Taking pictures is usually more fun than crawling attics and such. :).

Now you can do both. :slight_smile:

There’s about 200 shots there. If you go to featured each gallery has a slide show button at the top right. Makes viewing go a lot easier.

Photography was a lot more fun just not very lucrative.


Nice pictures!

I have always been interested in photography and recently got a canon 50D, looking at an L-series 75-300 zoom lens for wildlife pictures. We travel with an RV almost every month and take lots of pics. You should head down to Cedar Key FL for some good bird pictures etc.

Our friends Pat and Cindy run this place down there, they are also photographers:

Here is their website that details their previous travels

I’m jealous of your friends. They are doing what I would have loved to back in the 80’s. Alas rl and the expense of film and processing along with the delay of shooting and processing made the lifestyle very difficult. Also I was living out of a economy car. Datsun B210. Digital and the internet has definately made the lifestyle more feasible. I did do just under a year on the road but usually 3 months at a time.

If I had a like minded mate to join me it would have made the trips much more enjoyable and a lot less lonely. Though lately I have been yearning to dump the shackles of ownership and hit the road again. Perhaps next year.

You’re quite a photographer… good job.