Guess I need a water proof camera instead

During the exterior walk around I was hold my camera, my clip board and pen and while changing hands the worst happened. Dropped the camera. Ok, could have fallen soflty into the long grass and weeds but no, it fell into a small fountain with water in it. Was biting my tongue of choice words with clientr standing next to me. A spare camera is not something I carry but fortunately the renter of the home had a digital camera I could use as long as I would ship her back the memory stick later. The place had all sorts of problem including a pouring, not dripping but pouring main line water leak under the house and a photograph of key problems was a must so very thankful. Hoping to dry out my camera but have little hope. It was dead at the time. Expect the memory ok though.

Don’t give up just yet on the water logged one, miracles happen. I was under a house a few weeks ago when I set my camera down on the ground to do something, don’t remember what, then I promptly stepped on my camera while it was on and the lens was exposed and ‘motored out’. Seemed like my stepping on it crushed all the gears in the lens drive and the camera wouldn’t even turn on. Later that day I was just getting ready to go to the store to buy another one when I tried one last ditch effort to get mine to work again. I put fresh batteries in it and whacked the snot out of it on a table. Lo and behold, that did the trick, it started working and has been good as new ever since. Go figure.

Remove all sources of power, open her up to expose the chip boards and lens, use a hair dryer from a distance on no-heat setting or fan, leave to air dry in sunlit windowsill an additional 24-48. Replace with new batteries, don’t try the old ones.
This worked for a douched cell phone and a Sony camera that wound up at the bottom of our pool, along with their owner, kids horsing around.

My little old Kodak has been dropped from a 28’ ladder, kicked, rained on, dropped in a doggy water bowl, nearly frozen, bumped and abused. It has taken at last count, just about 27,000 photos over the last year and a half. It had better not quit now or I will be sending the manufacturer a very strongly worded letter!!!:mrgreen:

Pentax makes a camera that is completely water proof. You can submerge it and it still works. I have two of their slightly older models that can be gotten wet with no ill effects and it works! My first digital would go TU at the first hint of moisture (SiPix). I found them after an episode where both of my non water resistant cameras failed on an inspection so I went looking for a “ruggidized camera”. If I get these dirty or dusty while in an attic or crawl I can rinse it off or wipe with a damp cloth, plus it takes a great picture, it very small, built in flash, voice recorder and a mini video recorder, uses an SD card, only two AA batteries that seems to last twice as long as my older cameras 4 “AA” batteries.

My HP cacked after about 3 months, no reason, the thing just stopped working. All that would happen when I powered it up was the display flashed. It was still under warrenty, but you know how that goes, nobody gave me a round to it and it sits on my dresser gathering dust.

I blew it out with compressed air via the battery and memory ports etc when I got home. Last night nothing helped. This morning the power light comes on but nothing else. Lens is still motored out. I forgot the batteries in the tenants camera but for the use of her camera she can keep em! My memory chip won’t read in my card reader. Its a 512mb unit I bought in London England on vacation last year at about double what it cost in the US.
I’ll put the camera and the memory card outside in the warm air.
Really want those photos I took!

Cheapest camera, lowest mp, (3.1 is great), buy closeouts or in pawn shops.
I don’t pay over $40 for a “work” camera, always have 1-2 spares, always get ones that use AA batts & SD cards.

You’ve asked me just about every other question at meetings & emails, Peter; I guess we never covered this topic!

Sorry about yours, but seems like some good “drying out” advice on a post above- hopefully it will do the trick for you!

I’ve had cell phones get wet and one trick I’ve tried is the oven. Set the oven to 200 and let it preheat. Turn it off and set the device in on a towel. Close the door and let it stay there until morning. Open all doors and covers before putting in the oven. This has worked a couple of times. Nice dry heat. What the heck, might work for the camera.

:wink: Here ya go Larry:

tuit5 (Small).jpg

It Works!

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What the heck?!? That certainly wasn’t the post I was intending here. Sorry bout that folks.

I was trying to say that my Camera and photos in the memory card seems to work!! Not sure about the lens yet but the photos are offloaded now so very pleased. I left the camera on the patio table much of the day in the warm but shaded sun. Woohoo!

very nice


Now it’s time to go get a cheapie backup before you make a real offering to the megapixel gods!