not long enough

small ranch less then 1000 sf, house was empty they were happy with the inspection except the time 2.5 hrs they had read where a HI should take 4-6 hrs I explained different size properties different times, but they still said I told them things about their house they did not Know, seems like a appropriate time for a small house

Dennis, that’s about right. I’ve had some people ask me to discount mobile home, " because their small, not much to inspect " but sometimes they take more time than a house. 4-6 hours on a house, it would have to be a big one.

You did not mention whether or not it had a crawlspace, the age and whether or not you did the report onsite. These are important factors when discussing inspection times.

Dennis, add to the above the experience level of the purchasers, their grasp of what you tell them, the complexity of the report, the field conditions on the day of inspection, weather you use non-technical jargon etc.
These all add up to the time spent issuing the report and them understanding what you included in your report.
IMHO an inspector is doing themselves as well as their clients a disfavour spending less than 2-2 1/2 inspecting.

And number of inspectors or workers at the time of the inspection! I once took 9 inspectors to a 15,000-SF mansion; we finished in 2.75 hours. I also once took 7 inspectors to a 361-SF condo; we finished in 23 minutes but had to wait around for the stupid dishwasher to finished its 63-minute cycle.

My intent in having multiple inspectors was to never have an inspection take longer than 3 hours. Failed at that goal only once in 6 years.

Bruce no crawl space, 1963 ranch, walk in basement, easy access to the attic, & I do my reports in my office and hand them over the next day, good inspection, next month this time I will have my IR camera that will add more time I guess.

RR 23 Min I dont know if NH is ready for that, thanks

Note that we had 7 inspectors there: Studio, 361 SF, range, range hood, dishwasher, disposal, mini-wall heater, bathtub/shower, toilet. So one did the kitchen appliances, one did the bathtub/shower and toilet, one did the mini-wall heater, one did the window and two doors, one did the lights/switches and outlets, one did the walls/floors/ceilings, and one did the electric panel.

I understand, did people object to this or did they consider this a benefit


what is the purpose for having 7 inspectors for a studio apt? i can see bringing an extra guy or 2 for the 15,000 sq ft mansion but 7 for a tiny apt. seems a little crazy, but i will reserve judgement until your answer. I know you already posted to save time but it just seems a bit outrageous.

I have never had anyone complain about taking multiple inspectors to an inspection. However, I have won lots of referrals from Realtors who appreciated the fact that I understood how valuable their daylight hours were and did everything that I could do to save some of those daylight hours for them. After all, no one likes to sit around and watch other people work (well, except for the city workers where there are five standing around watching one guy work). I also have had a lot of compliments from Clients who were going to take the day off as vacation, or call in sick, only to have me finish in less than three hours, regardless of the size of the house. They really appreciated me helping them save vacation days and sick leave.

It was outrageous, and fun, for everyone!

All of us had just done a monster mansion, and I was taking everyone out to eat to celebrate the end of year, but we had that pesky little studio in between the monster mansion and margaritas, and we were all in two cars. What to do, what to do?

I just have these time conscious people meet me for the last half hour of the inspection. :wink:
Quite the concept.:smiley:

It’s a very good concept, to that I will agree. And I always offer that choice when Clients ask me how long it will take. Inevitably, they want to attend the full inspection, which is great for me because then they can see how hard I work for them.

The only Clients who never show up for my inspections are the sports stars, property investors who now trust me because they know the quality of my WALK inspections, and relocations from Massachusetts (but they all order my TECH inspection).

I also find that to be a great “choice” for those confident clients who know most of the jargon and concepts. Perhaps I could place a restriction on the level of explaining I would do (no jargon definition, no conception explanations, advice strictly limited to items with defects), provide a 6 page checklist report and mandate that the client cannot attend until the end of the inspection. This would reduce my time burden for the inspection, allowing me to charge less for this “choice”. I think I’ll name it the ANTI-SOCIAL inspection.:wink:

**That’s for his new inspection; “The Sardine Inspection” Tagline; “It may be small and it surely stinks, but we’ll inspect if you’ll hold my drink” :smiley: **

Who checked the tires and brake light’s? :shock:

Nick, I know you have heard it before and are sensitive, but looking at your avitar brings me to the conclusion; “Dang you look young” A mustache might help! :wink:

Dennis -

Politely tell them they heard wrong. The national average is between 2-3 hours for the normal sized house. Having done this for over 28 years if someone told me their inspector took that long on that sized house, I would laugh myself silly - then suggest they hire someone else to reinspect it.

Or, perhaps, an A&A inspection, which is where the confident clients can ask questions (the first A) and I’ll provide answers (the second A). But no report! That’s a no-no. The written word brings waaaaaaaay too much liability.

At least you’re thinking, even if not very well. But the more practice one has thinking, the easier thinking becomes. Judging from most of your posts, I feel quite confident that you are on your way! :mrgreen:

Judging from the posts of about 10 inspectors here at NACHI, I think they already offer the ANTI-SOCIAL inspection. It’s too bad that it is their one and only inspection! :mrgreen:

ROTFLMAO! That’s good. Very good. Thanks for the late afternoon laugh! :smiley: