Not something i see everyday

New furnace install, I usually see these plumbed out through a side wall but this guy fed them up through the existing chimney.

Apparently ok according to similar installs around here.

Sloppy work

Agreed on the ugly, but after talking to HVAC neighbor seems OK to do.

See it all the time on older units (typically late '80s to late '90s). Some of the newer Hi-Eff do not allow it.

Do not allow what?

Vertical exhausting through the chimney/roof… horizontal through the sidewall only. No, I don’t have a list of these. Never bothered as most newer installs are horizontal anyways. I research any new units exhausting through the chimney/roof to be sure they comply with manufactures requirements.

I see that often and is fine but agree that install is sloppy. Here’s one that’s not ok. The pvc pipe was damaged as a result of the heat from the metal vent. Just thought I would share.

Saw brand new condos the other day with concentric vents through the roof.

Some manufacturers allow it. A condo may have a short vertical rise so falls within parameters. Many possibilities, so if you see one that suspect, research it on a one by one basis.

From a couple of months or so ago, furnace was 2 yrs old if I remember right
Vent through Chimney.PNG

Vent through Roof.PNG

Well there you go. That manufacturer for that model allows it.

I have never, ever heard that you cannot vent vertically and I would love to see some documentation proving otherwise.

I usually see them vent through a side wall. Have not researched the reasons why or if they can vent vertically. I suspect it may be more distance rather than vertical vs. sidewall.

I would check manufacturer installation recommendations for the specific model.