Not your friend Mike.

Just came across this …

I’m sure more than a few home inspectors were anxiously waiting for that hammer to fall.

Sorry read post #3

Roy Cooke posted that a few days ago.

I bet the judge will be quoted as saying… " Don’t worry, we are going to make this right"!

This I expect will fade away and likely be settled out of court and we will know little about it .

As a new guy in this industry; what’s the overall feeling about Mike on this forum and what he is doing for the industry? On his inspection show he seems to often make careless inspector look bad but I’m sure that a lot of people had not even heard of home inspections before Mike came along; therefor promoting the industry. He does seem to know what he’s talking about and does say on his inspection site that his inspectors are part of associations such as this one.

This post title: “Not your friend Mike” and another post title with “Mike being sued again” almost sounds like he’s done a bad inspection job or **** reno work while it’s completely not related. Is it jealousy, hate or something else?

I would be very happy to meet Mike and honor to do work with him. From what I can see, he is educating home owners about doing their research when hiring a home inspector. Anyone could always say something bad about someone else work but in general I think he’s very fair.

Go Mike Go!

He is nothing more than an actor playing the role of a home inspector!

Do you feel he’s helping or hurting the home inspection industry? Would you say he is not doing good home inspections?

As I mention, I’m new and I’m trying to learn as much as possible about this industry.



Sounds like you have not seen many of his shows .
Most experienced home \inspectors have little use for him and what he says about the home Inspection industry.
Do you remember
Dr. , Marcus Welby He played a DR.
Perry Mason played a lawyer
and Mike Holmes plays a home Inspector .
Sorry no more explanations …
. Roy

Is David going to join NACHI???

Hi Roy, yup, can’t wait to join but I need to finish what I started at C&D first otherwise I’ll get too excited and start taking courses here and won’t finish what I started. It’s sad but I know myself too much.

You only see what is on the open section .
Many great Home Inspectors here ,I am not nocking C&D Used their reports when I started in 1999 they where the best .

All the best … Roy… Send me email with your phone # if you need help.

You can also join as a student I think less cost

He hurts us, IMHO

Keep in mind that he gets to visit after the client moves into the home. No one ever knows what the condition of the home, with respect to storage of property etc, was at the time of inspection. All the so called blatant things he sees may not have been visible to the inspector, at the time of inspection!

It’s TV for gawd sake!

I’m not sure about other areas, but Holmes inspectors are usually self employed inspectors running their own business that meet his criteria–they just switch hats between their own business and a “mike holmes” inspection and charge triple the fee for the honour of using his name…

And yes he gets to go in, have the homeowner tell him EVERYTHING thats wrong after they have been in the house for awhile, then go on TV and talk about all the things he “discovered”…its a ridiculous premise to even call an “inspection”