Notched Joist

I have a question about a notched joist. I did the Inspection today and there was a guy there that was argueing with me that if this was a problem or not. That are your thoughts on the matter :wink: Problem or not??

Problem. There should be no notching in the middle 1/3 of the span of the joist.

You need to see Paige from InterNachi TV to get that info. LOL

Thanks Nick! I could not figure out what was wrong with the link.

Thank you all. I love it when I’m right :wink:

Don’t forget to have them fix the NM Cables on the bottom of the joists as well. Install running boards or bore holes in the joist for the wiring.

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Have sawsall will plumb

And recommend they bore the holes in the middle third with the other notch. :stuck_out_tongue:

if the lumber is oversized for the span, the bottom couple inches may be irrelevant anyway. just saying…

Damn, everything is a MESS…

Send them this link…,,1582745,00.html