Notched Joists

Some notched joists from todays 1 year warranty inspection, I beleive the I beam location should carry this load fine but what are your opinions. Sorry I do not have a picture from further back.

I would point this out and record your findings.

It’s wrong, but are there any associated issues connected to this?

If not, I’d say it’s not a HI concern (this is my new opinion).
We are not required to determine these things. That is what engineers are paid for.
Just report and move on.

No issues surrounding these notches with the upper level, I noted them and suggested that because of the I beam location that they be reviewed for adequacy and signed off on by the builder as this was a 1 year warranty inspection.

That notched thing isn’t a joist. A joist would not be running parallel to the beam. You can see the ends of the actual joists. That notched member is something like a rim joist, and is not structural exceot to keep the ends of the real joists from rotating. I don’t see a problem with cutting a hole in a non-structural member.

Thanks Richard, I did not believe it to be an issue but the clients were concerned so that is basically why I mentioned it in the report for builder review and have him sign off on it.

It is a non- issue and most likely used ,as mentioned be Mr. Hetzel, as a means of keeping the joists from twisting.
Though we can’t tell from the photo it does seem likely that the joists, for whatever reason do change direction as it allows duct work to run parallel to the I beam.Which would tell me that the builder actually gave some thought to the way duct work would be incorporated between bays rather than below as running below would mean a future basement finish would not have the cleanest ceiling line possible.

Appears to be a Rim, if I did that I woulda flat blocked too.