This house was built in 2004. Those are very large notches. Where was the local AHJ???


Unless I’m missing something I don’t see a problem.

I get the same view from Lake Ann. :wink:

Tell me why?? There is no problem?? I am still learning.


just what exactly is Your concern Buck?..I’m having trouble seeing a problem also…maybe it is just the picture…you were there what are you thinking?

What I see is a notched rim joist.

It’s not going to fall down even though it may look a bit odd.

They ran the pvc up the 3-1/2" outside stud wall.

Is this an interior wall?

I can only assume on your picture several things

Interior wall, perhaps back of a stairwell? There is a wall on the top of this rim joist for the duct work and drain to run in. If there is, the 2x4 plate should span this just fine. Im sure this is a case of the framers saying “… There that ought ta do it…” and the plumber and HVAC guy saying “… what were they thinking… now I gotta cut a notch…”

If that were one of the floor joists, you’d have an issue.

Think about what is carrying the load.

With the rigid insulation, it appears to be an exterior wall and you can bet that the complete bottom plate is missing at the heat run.

But, no matter, because the rim joist has continuous bearing and the studs and joists are stacked. What I see there is not a problem.

That’s what I see from my front porch as well.:wink:

and from my office as well…

There is an interior wall above the notches. There are strange looking uneven areas in the sheet rock. I think I will defer this to a qualified contractor.


Need more info Buck.

It doesn’t look like an interior wall with the CMU below it.

You were there what else did you see?

On the other side is the family room.

It isn’t a structural member, so the notches have no deleterious effect. Not a problem.

Thanks! For all your help. I still think it SMELLS. I called it out.

Again, thanks, this a great place to learn.

well you were there Buck and We weren’t…You would be the best judge …from here it looked just fine from that picture…

You called it out - What did you recommend? Complete removal of exterior siding to replace rim joist?

Notched rim joist not a structural problem. That rim joist is in compression, not tension. How’s it going to fail?

I wouldn’t be very happy with the fact that the framers didn’t put studs on the breaks in the top plate and the breaks between the top plate and the framer’s plate (upper top plate) are less than 4’ apart. I don’t see any toenails through the joists into the top plate, either. Those are framing *quality *issues.

The walls were carrying a structural load, were they laterally braced with diagonal braces or shear panel?

The joists stack nice and neatly above the studs, though. Looks like sheathing is glued to joists.

What is the material on the far side of that framed wall? It doesn’t look like concrete or CMU.

Buck, I also don’t see a problem with the notched rim joist, I would doubt that this framing in the provided photo has anything to do with the unevenness in the drywall above.