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House from a flipper had an odd bump in plastered walls, looks like they plastered over live knob and tube wiring? There were 3 discovered in this home.

Foundation is being kept from collapsing by a horizontal telepost and a 2 x 4 between the chimney and the foundation wall. Foundation is still moving which in turn crumbled the chimney. This was allowing water into the basement and the only ‘fresh’ air in the home was a hole they had cut into the furnace duct which circulated the musty air from the basement through the whole house. I know the smell alone would win me some kind of prize. But they had thrown a couple of air fresheners in the furnace to help with the smell. :twisted:

Thanks Guys great start ,be interesting to see if other’s can top these .

Dryer vent in garage with some type of pantyhose or leggings attached as a filter, instead of venting to the outside of home. Very interesting when dryer is turned on as shown.

Good ones, keep them coming.

One good one per customer for June. ;):slight_smile:

Now this is how to stop a vent flashing leak. If exterior sealing doesn’t work then just caulk from the inside. That should do it.

Now that is interesting to see what people do .Thanks… Roy

A customer actually asked me to inspect this shed.:neutral:

Here is the pic…:wink:


Description? Not installed per Manufacturers Instructions? ;):mrgreen:

This home was built in 1895 and the complete roof was burned off back in the 60’es. I still don’t understand that after doing all that work they didn’t replace all this burnt lumber.

I just found out that the guy buying the house I showed pictures of got a $6,000 discount on the house. I almost fell over when I heard that he still went through with the deal. When I met with him to discuss the home I told him he needed to get an estimate for the cost of repairs and decide if it was still worth it for him to buy the home. I guess he decided it was still worth it. Go figure.

He might have a rude awakening when he gets the repair estimate if he plans on fixing it at all. :slight_smile:

Maybe just an extra telepost will do.:roll:

Well, I do have a used one in my basement I would sell cheap. :):wink:

The bathroom sink didn’t drain too enthusiastically; I wonder why???

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Another day, another remodel.

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