Accepting Best Defect Pictures for July

The June Poll will end on July 1st, so in the meantime, get your best pictures out for July.

Here are a couple that did not make the June Poll.

Let us continue from there and post your best defect for the month.

Thanks all for participation.

John Overholser

Sorry for the out-of-focus pic, but the wall board was actually installed about 5 inches OFF the studs in the dining room…somehow. :roll:

Also, wish I would have gotten a pic of it (I meant to and forgot), but I did a log home a few weeks ago where the garage door opened directly into the basement with an open staircase to the 1st floor. Yep, the basement WAS the garage too! :shock:
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Troy Pappas

Brand new cabinets hung with a brad nailer in a flip
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John Scaparo

The worst fire box I have came across. Home owner still uses. Damper completely rusted out and rusted through. To many defects to count.
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Robert Jude

122 years ago someone thought it would be a good idea to use sawdust for insulation of the porch floor before enclosing it. All you can eat termite buffet.
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Ron Chorey II

Found this just this morning, 30 gallon electric water heater

Who needs electrical connections in a junction box

and let’s use 1/4 inch copper tubing for the TPR valve. Wonder how many trips to the hardware store to get it stepped don to 1/4 inch?
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My submission from last month’s inspection. New master bath in a flip, unvented too.

Wow. :slight_smile:

Gotta love DIYers… I guess they just forgot a “minor” detail. :shock: :-k

Could this be OK if it is the proper type of ventless fireplace? however, I would never recommend one…

Ridge vent with underlayment rolled over the vent cut out



My first triple tap. I’m like a proud father!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::shock:

Smith, Blair 072.jpg

Congrats on the triplets Greg. :mrgreen::wink:

Any good ones for today?:slight_smile:

no entry, just thought you’d enjoy

yesterday’s new build

i discovered hydro-electric lighting

yet to see this documented in any of the energy efficiency standards, must be something really new

after the hollering and chicken dancin’ stopped

the builder said, “our in house phase inspectors never test tprv during the plmbing/mech rough or prior to insul/drywall”

he schooled me good, “they all leak and can’t be reseated properly once activated”

i handed him my card and quipped, “whatever they’re paying the phase/quality control minion are wasted funds”

purchaser was shocked to say the least but really happy it was caught before he closed



Here’s a pit set doublewide mobile home I came across with every metal pier and pad was so badly damaged that the only thing holding up this home was perimeter block wall.

Good one thanks Gary

Don’t forget to post your best pic for this month.
and Happy Fourth. :):wink:

Here is a repair made to a home I inspected on Tuesday. Repairs were not done correctly and my suggestions Call a Structural Engineer.
I figured the bolts would go all the way though the home but no the top ones are bolted just inside the home and the lower is bolted to the floor joists just inside the home.
But believe it or not the foundation was in good shape but the brick walls were in need of some help.


I posted this pic a while back, but never entered it here… Homeowner cut out support to make room for a new HVAC unit. Rafters were literally split in half! It still makes me laugh to think of the ‘oh SH!TE’ moment he must have had when the roof fell in… he made up for it though, with the best repair I’ve seen so far this year.

Attic Jack.JPG

I was told by the home owner i could go out there, this deck was safe, just dont go out the doorway…

Wrote it up something like this: Deck is unsafe to be in, on or around. DO NOT ACCES ANY AREA OF THE DECK, DO NOT ACCESS ANY AREA UNDER OR NEAR THE DECK. Immediately contacr qualified contractor to assess and repair. IMINENT SAFETY HAZARD!

Edit: i love the amateur inginuity the best! see post 16 makeshift lolly column! LOL

deck two.JPG

deck one.JPG

Good pictures guys, keep it up. :slight_smile:

Polybutylene flush line for the water softener running from outside to this ending at the opposite end of the attic about 55’ away.


I saw this at a repo today. The chimney isn’t being used anymore but was falling away from the house. The gap at the roof was filled with shingles and a small chain was screwed to the roof with one screw on each end which keeps the chimney from falling onto the hydro wires. :shock: