Best Defect Pictures Nomination for May.

We are now accepting Nominations for the Month of May for Best Defect Pictures.

It appears most like the free for all Defect Pictures.

Submitt your best Defect Picture

No time limit as to when the picture was taken.

No catagory limit

Enough pictures to clearly explain the Defect.

I will choose the best ones along with the Committee to post on a Poll at the end of the Month.

Discussions on the Defect Pictures are always welcomed.
Recent pictures are always preferred.

Try to limit your best defect Picture to half a dozen shots.
The more the better to show the defect.

Thank you for participating. :slight_smile:

Brand new home, certificate of occupancy sign off by AHJ. Builders realtors tried to talk them out of a home inspection. We get down into single digits in winter time. Closing following day after inspection. No insulation insulation in attic!!!:roll:

Picture 022.jpg

Helps to keep the can lights cooler

Double tap with 12 gauge and 8 gauge wires from a 60 amp breaker. This ran to the central air and the electric stove

No explanation needed

001 (Small).JPG

027 (Small).JPG

The streets weren’t the only thing that flooded last night. :shock:

…all areas of exterior in general in poor condition…exterior vent too near roof line and siding of structure…

FYI the entire house was just beat all the way around.

A wood stove pipe attempt :shock::

Nice going guys, keep them coming. :slight_smile:

Here’s a new way to ground your light fixture. Just run the ground wire to a screw in the ceiling. :mrgreen:

That’s a safety wire in case the fixture falls of the ceiling Casey.
Stays grounded even when it falls.

Good one. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a good thing it’s there then…the fixture was loose and missing a screw! :slight_smile:

Did I mention…it’s loose so they could get their “safety ground wire strap” out from under the fixture??? :mrgreen:

With some of the pictures here, I am constantly amazed how people can screw things up.
And what amazes me even more is that it is still functional. :):wink:

Look at me I am still functional… I think I am ??? Roy

I think, the more I see, people do whatever it takes to “get it working”…and then, at the end, they have left over parts (such as a “random” wire!) and figure, “Hey, this would look great over here!”
You don’t know, what you don’t know…you know??? :slight_smile:

Don’t know Roy, can we have a third party comment?:):wink:

Who needs clean appliances :roll:

Why would yu want to park in there anyways?

Steve, anyone live in that disgusting place?

The other pic is Lol. When was it last used? Did you count the tree rings?:mrgreen::wink:

The walkout basement door does not close. The wall is built in the way of the door jamb.

Exterior Door.jpg