NPMA-33 Form?


Currently I have a field fill pdf version of the NPMA-33 form to use for WDI/O certifications. I am looking to incorporate it into my HomeGauge software so that it pulls all the required information from my standard report information such as the inspection address, date of inspection, client information, and all the good stuff. I am looking to streamline the whole repoting process a little more. I am trying to not include it as an attachment to my report like an inspection agreement.

For real estate transactions requiring a WDI/O inspection such as FHA, VA, or anything else, do they specifically need to be on the NPMA-33 form or can the report simply include all the information on that form? I can’t figure out how to make HomeGauge produce a report that looks exactly like the NPMA-33 form, but I have figured out how to include all the information the form requires.

I found the NPMA-33 form on the Homegauge website, here is the link:
Hope that helps.

Yes, that is the pdf version of it with the field fills I was talking about. There is no way to incorporate that into the HomeGauge software except as an attachment. You have to fill it out in one of the Adobe acrobat programs, print to file, and move that file into your report folder. Way too much of a pain in the butt.

I am looking to create a version of the NPMA-33 form that pulls the inspector information, client information, etc. into the form from what you already filled out in the beginning of the home inspection report. I don’t want to keep entering the clients address, my information, findings, and whatever else over and over again. I just want to type up the home inspection report and have the NPMA-33 form filled in by the HomeGauge software.

I am working on making a HTML version of the NPMA-33 form and am trying to figure out all the little coding that HomeGauge uses to insert report specific information into all the little spots it puts your company information and stuff like that. I am getting close, but can’t make it work the way I want it.

I am trying to find out if you actually need to use the NPMA-33 form the way the PDF file has it layed out or can you use a custom version as long as it includes all the information that the NPMA-33 form has and then some extra information.


The NPMA is separate and not a part of the Home Inspection.

A reprinted or revised form may not be accepted as the Lenders are looking for form NPMA-33.

There is also the matter of copyright…

**Form NPMA-33 **(9/01/04) © 2004 National Pest Management Association. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction of this form is permitted without the express permission of NPMA

Thanks Joe

I was hoping that if I actually got the version that I was playing around with to print out exactly like their form, I would send them a letter and ask for permission to use their copywrited material.

You pretty much answered my question.

I just found some some software that will take the PDF NPMA form (the one that you fill in the fields, and save it as a PDF file (uneditable)

What this software does, is it creates a dummy printer on your system called “dopdf”. When you then print something, choose this printer and it will let you browse to and name the output PDF file.

I don’t know anything about Homeguage, but it’s now just a PDF file, readable with Reader.