Form NPMA-33

Question … I use HomeGauge software. I do not do WDI inspections but both the part-time guys I use to help on home inspections are licensed in WDI and do them.

We use the NPMA-33 form … I think we got it off one of the web site of a Relo Group we work with. Its a Word.doc / It lets us fill in blanks, etc BUT does not let us sign it, or copy/paste a signature; or change a type font to resemble a signature; not insert a signature as a jpeg file, etc. MOST of the time thats OK and nobody asks for a signature (just name, company, lisc numbers; etc) BUT once in a while on things like a VA loan, we get a call telling us they’re closing in 3 hrs AND gotta have a signature AND just noticed this.

When this comes up I’m often out in the field AND not where I can easily get to computer … pull up home inspection report … pull out WDI report …print it … out … get it signed and fax or email back to title company.

HG lets us set up a form to do this BUT only puts in the name of who HG is registered to (ME), unless you pay them a separate license fee for the other inspectors … $99 for 1st signature / $79 each for others BUT the others have to be licensed with HG at $59 p/mnth per what Shancy at HG told me today.

Thats a little bit too pricey for my needs. My printer can set the NPMA form up as a pdf for us and drop a signature on there / 1 form for each guy BUT if I do that AND they send the forms to me to review AND I find a typo … I can’;t just correct it and send to client … I gotta get hold of inspector; get him to change on his end and resend … Too time consuming.

ANYBODY got a Word.doc type NMPA that can be filled out and a signature inserted, etc.


You can try a software conversion program, but I always just print it out, sign it, and then scan and email it back to them

Dan, I use Adobe Echo Sign for my agreements and WDI reports. Fill out the form, elctronicly sign it, upload it and send. Adobe also stores the signed documents too.

Change it to a PDF file then you can sign it

Already done:

You could try one of these apps for your phone. I’ve use one in a pinch.

If interested in the one I use, email me and I’ll look when I get my phone back tomorrow.

Both my guys are experienced and have masters degrees. Both are SLOPPY spellers, and I don’t do sloppy.

I require them to send me all reports and I proof BEFORE they go out. I’ve got pdf versions of NPMA-33 from HUD and Relo companies BUT they are pdf … **NOT **Word Docs, so if I was using pdf forms AND guys mis-spelled customers name, street name, etc I can’t just change it and send it on … I gotta chase them down, get them to change form and sent ack to me again. VERY time consuming, SO I’m looking for a Word Doc version to use.

Why can’t you change it in pdf?
If you do it in Word, don’t you convert it to a pdf before sending it out?
You do know Adobe reader has spell check.

You can use the pencil tool to sign the docs either on a phone, tablet, or using a mouse on the desktop.

Can a home inspector licensed by New York State complete the NMPA-33 WDI form?