Number of InterNACHI inspectors in California tops 1,300.

Yet less than 10 ever post in the California forum.

1 of the 10.

Ok, Ok…another one.

See? No one’s posted in the California section in 6 days.

Crickets here.

At least few of us who are here have the state covered!

I’ve gone from Thousand Oaks to Pasadena and up to Santa Clarita this past week.

Everyone’s too busy working… hot market :cool:

Think that is really why?

Been pretty steady market. Having said that, lots of factors, as well as social media may be siphoning.

Too busy hanging out at Berkeley…

The only good that comes from 1300 inspectors in California is the $$$ it provides to Nick.

What about the good work they do for consumers, thanks to all the free resources provided to them by InterNACHI?