NY NACHI Thanks Nick Gromicko

NY NACHI is proud to announce the formation of a State Association. Empire State Association of Housing Inspectors ( NYS Inspectors Only). All types of Inspectors will be listed, Home Inspectors, Mold Inspectors, WDI Inspectors, Radon Inspectors, Infrared Inspectors, 203K Consultants, HUD Fee Inspectors.
There is no Charge to be listed, free to all NYS Inspectors. Website will be up and running within a week.
Any NYS Inspector looking to get listed please email me Pat Maietta at patm3@frontiernet.net

Thank You Nick for all your help
NY NACH Members

Was this disclaimer missing from the Chapter Announcement?

*Please be aware that Meetings may be secretly recorded. *

Personal Appearance / Attendance at said meeting means that you are in agreement with and authorize the recordings to take place…

*Simple **Yes **or **No *will suffice


I buy you the recording device to tape my meetings, I have nothing to hide.

Pat Maietta

Oh brother Joe! You should hear what I say about EVERY ONE of you all when I’ve had a couple drinks. I talk trash all night :smiley: .

I’ll tell you what I’ll do… I’ll secretly tape myself next time for you.


Anyway, Congratulations to Patsy on forming another sister State association.

The more the better.

For those of you that haven’t been at NACHI very long… Patsy formed NACHI’s first chapter many years ago and they still meet monthly to this day.

NYNACHI has been our flagship since.

No need to buy one.

Use the same one you previously claimed to have reviewed.

I will take your previous reply as a Yes.

Between the time you spend in the corner bar and all your posts do you do any inspections.

Pat Maietta

Oh boy :roll: .


Do you routinely record and review conversations???

How is it that you had Knowledge of a Meeting and were privy to the recordings???

Congratulations Patsy Maietta on all your hard work and dedication to NACHI and the future of Home Inspecting.

Further, I applaud all your energies towards NACHI’s success in New York State.

Congrats and applauds! Another benefit of membership in NACHI!

Thanks Bill

We should link our websites.

Pat Maietta

It is clear your alliance is to Vendors. You feel you have no accountability to Members.

Your lack of response speaks volumes.

Thank you for your lack of response.

My members like me here in New York.
Me and you should meet to discuss any problems you might have with me.

Pat Maietta

Joe, I strongly advise you not accept that invitation :shock: .

Your advice is not needed or taken.

No Fear here in Philadelphia where I am.

Apparently there is Fear in New York with regard to the Truth.

The Truth, You are right. Tell all the members what the secret meeting was about, in florida. What do you have to hide.

Pat Maietta


I was not in Florida for the Convention 2006.

You claimed that you were and reviewed the** tapes**.

What do you have to hide???

You are right, you were not in florida but you had a lot to do with that meeting.

Pat Maietta

How about you refresh my Memory???