NY State WDI Inspections

Today’s Newsday (01/27/06) has an article entitled “He’s licensed to inspect” about HI licensing in NY. In the article Mr. Paul Gressin (a 36 year home inspection veteran and Gov. Pataki’s appointee to the New York State Association of Home Inspectors) of Woodmere states that “In the past, an ill-trained home inspector might say he or she saw no evidence of termites after a cursory inspection, Gressin said. Under the new law, however, insect and radon issues are reserved forspecialists, and home inspectors are barred frrom including them in their reports”

Has anyone else heard of this ruling regarding WDI inspections?

Joe Farsetta - this sounds like a question for you!

:-k :-k #-oOne good thing about this new law about Home Inspectors. There are a lot of people trying pass around thier interpretation about it.
I did not see anything in the law saying home inspectors can not mention about damage from WDI. I would hate to be the inspector not mentioning any issues that has damage or evidence of Termites. There is a Law Suite waiting to be filed.
I can hear it now, “Sir, I am sorry there is a big hole in your floor and the supports are not there but I read an articles that says Don’t mention it.”
I know it sounds extreme but someone will do this!


I am sure what Mr. Gressen meant was a Home Inspector without his Pesticide Technician Card cannot do a termite inspection. The new law made no mention of WDI inspections… but our acquiring another license from the Dept of En Con… which many of us have (Thank You Barry Stangle) allows us to do termite inspections no matter what the Home Inspection Legislation says…

But the troubling thing I see in this article, is not Mr. Gressen’s ignorance about the law, but his having been selected to the board… Thank God, their meetings are a public forum… I know I will be at each one…


Here’s the article that Bill is referring to…

Thanks for your responses. This board (and the people on it) is great!

HI’s could do WDI inspections before the law was passed, I just wanted to make sure we can still do them.

One of the topics specifically discussed when Dan O and I visited with members of the Assembly and Senate Judicuary Committees (who wrote the law), had to do specifically with termite and radon inspections. We specifically asked if they planned to require training in either service in order to offer it as a part of a home inspection.

The answer we received was “no”, as these services are viewed as ancillary to a home inspection. As there is NO LAW on the books in NY State requiring radon testers to be certified or trained, and NO LAW requiring one performing a WDI inspection to be licensed, there is NOTHING to stop a person, licensed in the specialty or not, from performing these types of inspections for a fee.

The sole exception, as it pertains to WDI inspections, has to do with VA/FHA/HUD engagements. Those authorities have rules for what will be ACCEPTED by them in terms of WHOM performed the inspection. But, that’s as far as it goes. There is no law prohibiting anyone from filling out an NPMA-33 WDI report. Banks accept this form, almost universally. HUD may reject the report, if not performed by someone licensed as a pesticide technician or applicator by the DEC.

The guy is way off base, here…

Oh, yeah… someone please point me to the specific LICENSE required in NY for someone to perform a radon test.

Joe Farsetta:

If the Banks require a NPMA-33 Form, what number are you filling in for the:

Applicator License Number?

Business License Number?

This is required info on the Form…

In PA, I profit from you advice.

I have performed many last minute inspections where the NPMA-33 was rejected because the Business License number and/or Applicator number is missing.

PA Law currently Requires a Licensed and Insured Applicator to perform a WDI Inspection for Real estate transfer.

Joe Farsetta- Thanks - I knew I’d get the straight scoop from you (and Dan O).

Joe Hagarty- Prior to 01/2006 we have been writing “N/A” in those spaces. Now we put our NYS Lic #.


The box on top of Form NPMA-33 asks for a Company’s Business Lic# Only.

The long box below that box asks for Inspector’s Name, Signature & certification, Registration, or Lic #.

An applicators license number (alone) is not required.

Massachusetts does not require an Applicators license to perform WDI inspections.

NPMA-33 requires an Applicator License Number of a Licensed PCO.

Does a New York HI License number qualify an individual as a Licensed Applicator / WDI Inspector?

Is WDI Treatment in New York a Licensed Business activity?

Only for Govt. loans like HUD, VA, ect.

Joe H.,

The law in PA is clearly different than that of NY State. Here in NY, WDI inspections may be performed by anyone. I have never included my WDI technicians license on any NPCA-1 or NPMA-33 form, unkless the bank specifically inquired. I have been asked approximately twice in 4 years.

VA/FHA/HUD inspections (specifically) require that the person be licensed. Here in NY, a technician’s license is NOT the same as an applicator’s license, but HUD accepts it as the same, as the technician and applicator have identical training for licensure.

Also, NY and PA do have reciprocating agreements for some of this stuff. Barry Stangel can address this.

As to putting a NYS HI license number in the box, there is no requirement to do so, as the activity is clearly outside the standard of care of any normal home inspection.

Mr. Gressin called me this evening, and we discussed my comment on this board that he was ignorant of the law… he took exception to that… The paper that printed his interview mischaracterized his statements… And I popped off about him inappropriately. For that, I hereby sincerely appologize… When the board does meet, this will be one of the gray issues that they will address… He seems to be a sincere Home Inspector that is bringing no association bias to the board… for that we should all be thankful.


Joe H.,

Also, NY and PA do have reciprocating agreements for some of this stuff. Barry Stangel can address this.


I do the WDI in both NY and PA. The WDI License in Pa is reciprocating but for Pa you have to have a Business License, an applicator’s License and General Liability to cover pesticide applications, even though I personally do not do chemicals. So I am covered in both states.

As said before in NY anyone can do the WDI but to be excepted by the banks and HUD, there needs to be the number on the form. I personally, forgot on two and they were both rejected. One time I forgot to mention the shed on grounds and it got rejected. I had to write an extra note for it.
Not sure what Banks Joe F. is doing these for but I wish I had them. (not really!) With the Business License that is for companies that apply the pesticides in NY. To do the chemicals, you have to have a business license and more $$$ insurance on board.


Anyone familiar with Newsday can well understand that!

No disrespect was intended Paul. :neutral: