NYC Landlords face new lead requirement.

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N.Y.C.: Landlords Face New Lead Requirement

( February 16, 2004) -- On Dec. 15, 2003, the New York City Council approved a strict lead-paint abatement law, Initiative 101-a. The law requires landlords to clean up not only peeling or chipped lead-based paint, but also lead-paint dust, according to Mike Kelly, government and political affairs representative for the New York State Association of REALTORS?.

A previous law approved in 1999, which was found unconstitutional, placed the burden on tenants to initiate city inspections, limited the tenant's ability to sue the landlord, and only covered cleanup of lead-paint chips, not dust, he says.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed the new legislation on the grounds that it unfairly placed the financial burden on landlords. But on Feb. 4, 2004, the council voted to override the mayor's veto. Kelly says landlords are expected to challenge the new law in court.

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All that and they have rent control too icon_mad.gif