OACIQ inform home buyers

As a home inspector, working in a province without legislated home inspector regulations and licensing, I am proud of how the OACIQ informs home buying consumers.
Well done. Bravo…

From there website:

Before you buy
An inspection protects you.

New construction: caution!

Do you think that because the property you are proposing to purchase is new it won’t need an inspection? Think again! It is never recommended to waive the property inspection. An inspection can uncover important factors that will have an impact on the price you will offer to the seller. Although a Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings is in place, it may not apply to your situation.

Older home or property sold without legal warranty of quality: beware!

If it makes sense to inspect a new home, it makes even more sense to inspect an older one. Of course, all the information contained in the form Declarations by the seller of the immovable, which the seller must provide, is very useful as it reflects what he knows about the condition and history of his property. However, a proper inspection will supplement this information by going more in-depth. It will also show that you acted prudently.

The broker must inform all the parties to the transaction of any factor of which he is aware that could adversely affect the object of the transaction, such as any negative factors identified in an inspection report issued prior to your promise to purchase. In fact the existence of any prior report must be declared by the seller in the form Declarations by the seller of the immovable.

If the property is being sold without legal warranty of quality (that is, without any guarantee that it is without defect), an inspection is that much more necessary so you will know what you are buying. The inspector performing the inspection must be informed that the property is being sold without legal warranty.

I wish I would have had the time to be involved during the first regulation discussions, held back in 2013 if my memory serves me well.

I made my voice heard by all parties by getting in front of the train wreck, and will do so again.

I was invited to join in the effort, after a much one sided bias, but refused.
To whom it may concern; Thank you for thinking of me.

If, and I say if, there is a next time, hopefully I will have the resources to become involved and help add to the discussion, in this great province of Quebec, by helping our members continue to inspect homes for home buyers, seller and home owners, as an InterNACHI member and proud CPI, CMI, and do so recognised, and proudly so!

Proud of you InterNACHI.