Important: To all québec based internachi members present and future – mandatory e&o

This is LONG and I’m sorry about that. DO READ IT as it may affect your future and right to practice as an inspector in Québec!

As you may be aware, the Real Estate Profession is now exclusively regulated by the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) a para-public organization created by the Government of Québec. Although this might be a great happening for the real estate profession, it does involve some radical and important changes for Home Inspectors.

For the time being, even if several efforts have been put forth by different groups including some inspector associations, the practice of (pre-purchase) home inspection is still unregulated. There are however, very strong indications that the Government of Quebec will at some not so distant future time, legislate the practice where OACIQ would police our profession, as is now the case in Alberta and B.C.
With the coming into law of the new OACIQ through the Real Estate Brokerage Act on May 1, 2010, a series of regulations later came into effect, regulations every Québec Home Inspector needs to be aware of.

Article 81 states:
A broker or agency executive officer must recommend to the person proposing to acquire an immovable that the person have a full inspection performed by a professional or a building inspector who
(1) has professional liability insurance covering fault, error and omission;
(2) Uses a recognized inspection service agreement;
(3) Performs inspections according to recognized building inspection standards; and
(4) Submits a written report to the party that requested the inspection services.
The broker or agency executive officer may furnish a list of more than one professional or building inspector meeting the requirements of the first paragraph.
O.C. 299-2010, s. 81.

** This basically means that, if you, as an inspector, do NOT FULLY comply with article 81 of the regulations, a real estate agent SHOULD NOT RECOMMEND YOU! And if they do, they can be liable for anything from a reprimand to losing their license!**

This is serious business! And the OACIQ have every intention of clamping down on agents who don’t follow the rules!

Well if you already are following the 4 basic requirements of Article 81 AND real estate agents you deal with are AWARE of this, you’re good to go. The OACIQ has not shown any desire to “recognize” individual inspectors but rather, recognize Inspector Associations only BUT this may change in the near future.

The OACIQ have been moving very fast on this file since 2011 when in July, they officially recognized the Association des inspecteurs en bâtiments du Québec (AIBQ). Since that time, no other inspector organization has officially been recognized although some, namely ANIEB have put in petitions to be recognized.

Several Real Estate Brokers I deal with have reported to me receiving a visit from the AIBQ, who aggressively promote themselves as “the only inspector association approved by the OACIQ”. This is not true of course, as approval doesn’t exist BUT recognition does! And this action is taking its toll with inspectors from other associations! And the most targeted city seems to be Québec City, where other associations are basically shut out!
In order to stop this and to give InterNACHI Québec inspectors equal opportunity, a recognition request has to me made to OACIQ right now!**

I have been involved with the OACIQ in this process with 2 other inspector associations (been there done that) and am very familiar with the requirements (article 81 compliance + a pick list imposed on the association).

The first requirement is that it become mandatory for ALL Québec InterNACHI inspectors to be insured (E&O) as a group! This requirement is without exception and we won’t even get to first base with OACIQ if this is not policy!

Nick (Gromicko) and I have been exchanging dozens of emails on this and we do not agree so we did agree that we should put it to the members and let them decide:

The question: In view of OACIQ’s mandate to “recognize” building inspectors and inspector associations and in view of the most likely upcoming legislation where they’ll police it, InterNACHI Québec members urgently need to be recognized as an association by the OACIQ. ***In order to achieve this, we need to obligate each and every member, existing or future, to have E&O insurance as a requirement to be a member of InterNACHI Québec. ***

If, as an InterNACHI Québec member, you’re not presently insured against E&O, I’m presently in touch with a broker (HUB International) that will prepare an affordable package that will meet OACIQ’s requirements.

In order for InterNACHI Québec to be considered for recognition by OACIQ this clause HAS to be approved and an “I VOTE FOR THIS” ballot is required.


• Email your vote along with your InterNACHI member number (these will be checked by InterNACHI) only registered Québec members of InterNACHI are allowed to vote.
• Voting period: We’ll allow three (3) consecutive days for votes to be cast to my email ( and the majority will prevail!
• Results will be posted on this blog.

If we get a YES vote, admission requirements to InterNACHI Québec will be changed as required.

If we get a NO vote, we abandon the project.

Gilles Larin

Great initiative and thank you Gilles,
I understand the situation and I vote yes, all the way.

I vote for this

Thanks Gilles!

The AIBQ has been corted by or corted C.A.H.P.I last year.
I suspect this and the Right Honourable Minister Jean Marc Fourier is making decisions on home inspections due to the mandated condo development inquirey held in March and April of this year. It wrapped up in May with all the key witnesses and members of the board making recommendations.
Well this effect home inspectors, I am not sure.

I have been preform E&O inspections with clients receiving reports from day one.
Its the cash guys getting this attention.

Read carefully.
3) Performs inspections according to recognized building inspection standards;
Here is the devil in the detail.
Here is the kicker;** The broker or agency executive office**r may “furnish a list of more than one professional or building inspector” meeting the requirements of the first paragraph.

So now we have brokers recommending inspectors as I read it.
I say it meets the criteria for partition to Quebec MP’S.
The vote is OK GILLE but teeth are what is needed to insure Brokers can not refer home inspector exclusively.

The price war will begin on how (low) a home inspector will lower them self to work if this affront is allowed to happen.
I am starting to see pricing hit the toilet. HI doing full energy IR and 2.400sq.ft for 350 no tax.

Here is my take Gille.
PS: Some threads have to be long Gille. No need to apologise.

This was a transcript from the Montreal Gazzete that caught my eye in Febuary of this year.

By 2016, condos will make up an estimated 266,000 Quebec homes, Fournier said. In Montreal last year, there were more condos being built than single-family homes. But condo buyers have pointed out many problems, including the fact that payments made to builders are not sufficiently protected, there are gaps in information made available to buyers, buildings are neglected, and administrators are not sufficiently trained.

Some of those issues were raised in a March 2011 report by a working group on co-ownership in Quebec. It recommended the government make changes that could affect supervision on work sites, deposit protection and information given to buyers.

“We want to act to correct the existing problems and prevent those that could befall condo owners,” Fournier said.
Two consultations will be held — one in Quebec City on March 15 and 16 — and another in Montreal on March 29 and 30 as well as on April 13. They will be conducted by a special committee that will submit recommendations to Fournier by the summer. Notary Christine Gagnon and economist François Desrosiers will head the committee.

The article you uncovered (Article 81) is to me the OACIQ trying to get ahead of the curve and should have been implemented years ago by the provincial government.

The import thing to remember is that ALL HOME INSPECTORS SHOULD CARRY E&O.
This is what responsible business individuals do.
The government recognise we as humans make mistakes and the Toth’s example in B.C. the highest levied settlement ordered by the courts against a Canadian home inspector in 2009.
This became paramount in B.C.'s decision on licensing and also on how association’s are viewed across Canada. It was a game changer in my opinion.

C.A.H.P.I took the hit they deserved.

The ridiculous notion of a HI only being required to pay back the fee of the inspection if you make an error on your report is absurd.
If you do not realize the negative effects to an individual, their family and financial future by making mistakes during you observations and reporting you do not deserve to be a home inspector. Plain and simple.

Being exclusionary and trying to avoid fault is what makes the association and home inspector look bad in my opinion.

There is allot of work to do.

Now does making E&O make you a better home inspector? This is a question that can be raised Gille.
There are many questions that still have to be examined before any regulation and licensing on home inspector goes through.

I** wish to ask questions and have my voice be heard. It does not have to be me. A principle member can carry our INACHI COLLECTIVE voice to the table. **

Vern Mitchinson is the individual to court if you wish to prevent INACHI Quebec members from being swept up and having a financial hit along the way. Your business and lively hOod can change without participation from all INACHI QUEBEC MEMBERS…


Keep up the good work buddy


If we get a YES vote, admission requirements to **InterNACHI Québec **will be changed as required.

I have been away awa

If we get a NO vote, we abandon the project.

Gilles Larin

I understand the situation and I vote yes, all the way.
thanks Gilles


Thanks for the update.

I’ll have InteNACHI mandate whatever you need us to for QB. Just let me know.

As of Sunday Morning 9:00 EDT, we had received several votes both on the blog (here) and by email. On Friday (August 3rd) I emailed ALL Québec inspectors listed, asking them to cast their vote!

As we need to get going on this, the voting will close Monday (August 6) at Midnight.

Many thanks to all for your participation.

Gilles Larin

Thank you for this push. Hope it will change things.

Sorry G. Its your chapter.
All the best.

It seems to me we have gone through this before Gille.
A am perplexed to say the lest.

I myself will vote b.
I see more pressing issues ahead. Consolidation, education and the cohesion of InterNACHI Quebec members though a chapter that is inclusive seem to be paramount…
I personal will not abandoned anything.

just to make a note.
You know I have been dealing with OACIQ on this very subject.
I am totally mystified why in the world an individual would strike out on the own instead of joining forces. We even sat down and discussed the mater openly at a restraint.
Now because I closed the MICQ chapter after being lampooned with virus emails did not mean I stopped anything.
Even if it did you could have come to me to get all the information I had.

Sorry I am a straight shooter but InterNACHI Quebec members need to pull up there socks.
I myself never stop at what I have to do.

Count me in.
I vote for this.
Thank you.
Karol Bartnicki


I am disappointed to hear that you’re voting b.

Just recently, you were talking about that same issue with OACIQ and then nothing.

Gilles L is on the right track and can get things done for us in Québec. We must do this for ourself now, together, as no one else seems to care!


Thanks Jeffrey.
Stick to the point of the thread.


I am disappointed to hear that you’re voting b.

Just recently, you were talking about that same issue with OACIQ and then nothing.

Why did I vote b.
If you do not wish to read the truth go to the last 2 sentences.

Now Marcel. I have everything in my files the OACIQ sent me as a mandate to be recognized by the OACIQ. I HAVE NOT GIVE UP.

I am still in contact with them as of 6 weeks ago.
I see others wish to strike out on there own without consulting Quebec members, showing them a proposal, and do it in 3 days or they will drop the whole thing.
Now I wonder what the OACIQ have to say about this. I wonder what was said on my behalf.
Not much of team spirit there.

I pulled the plug on the MCIQ.
I released my reasons. Emails and my web server giving me grief.

Now Marcel. I have everything in my files the OACIQ sent me as a mandate to be recognized by the OACIQ. I HAVE NOT GIVE UP. Have you?
Has someone contacted all Quebec members and told them about this.
That an individuals have talked to the OACIQ ON THERE BEHALF. That if the 3 day mandate is not meet then INACHI Quebec members do not want to be recognized.
Hmmm. Not much thought behind this one was there Marcel.
oaciq must rely wonder what up.
Was that the plan?
Be honest now.

• Email your vote along with your InterNACHI member number (these will be checked by InterNACHI) only registered Québec members of InterNACHI are allowed to vote.
• Voting period: We’ll allow three (3) consecutive days for votes to be cast to my email ( and the majority will prevail!
• Results will be posted on this blog.**

I wonder why a certain party did not ask or even contact all the INACHI Quebec members.
Why 3 days to make such a large decision.
Why on the Local Inspection Issues page.
I think more would have seen it on the Canadian Inspector (Members Only) page.

So because I am silent no one asks me whats going on. HA HA HA

I said 7 months ago, no E&O and you are failing the grade!
If you do not have E&O insurance you should not be doing home inspections. THIS IS FACT.

The MICQ was closed for valid reasons. They are personal.
If you wish to know email me.
One was I was being email viruses. I will say no more.

All the contributing members will be revisited. Trust me.
I will phone every Quebec member personally “again”. Trust me.
No half baked bread any more.
Please do not answer the phone using my company name again new members. Find your own marketing direction. PS: I forgive you this time. next time will be recorded…

Now I am recuperating from a deviating blow to my business by 2 fronts.
Again; I will not say any more.

A peer chapter has started for Quebec INACHI members. A email campaign will start shortly.
It starts up in September. I will give a push when others wish to roll the boulder up the hill.

I have a good memory Marcel. Remember how this whole thing started.
I sure do. I will stop it when I have completed my mission. To promote aspiring individuals to excel in their home inspection carriers.

There is allot INACHI members can do as a collective.
I am in no hurry and will strike when the timing is right.

Sorry for the long post. You know me.:wink:

Marcel I thank you for asking me why I voted b.
My answer.
I have 3 days to vote on what. I will never vote on something unseen and given short notice to do so.


I am impressed with your work and dedication Gilles, like almost all others, I trust you and know that if anyone can best represent and speak for all of us, internachi of Quebec inspectors, it is you.
Thank you for your efforts and I am certain that most of us want you to succeed and I join Marcel in saying that you care.
Merci & Salut mon ami! And keep us posted!

Now Marcel.
If you wish the mandated information you are welcome to it.
If you are reaching out I am listening.

As explained in my heated then deleted post, I will not vote on something sight unseen and forced to do so within 72 hour or it all abandoned.

I and yourself carry E&O. We do so to protect the client and our-self encase errors and/or omissions within our reports cause undue financial dress to our clients as all professional businessmen should.
If one decides to forgo the*** errors and omissions insurance ***then he/she should post it openly on there site, marketing material and any other forms of marketing. This would allow the prospective CLIENT to make a conscious decision and make informed decisions.
I hate hog wash.

I am more disappointed than angry. **
I have not received the email others have been given for one.** I was not even told about the individuals intent.

I have little stomach for illusive individuals that do not like to inform others of an objective that is to effect ALL QUEBEC MEMBERS… specially when we talked this very subject over coffee and they refused.

Gees Louse.

From my website Marcel. The industry is all home inspectors.

At the moment only the AIBQ members are being marketed by the Organisme d’autoréglementation.
This to us is a conflict of interest.
We are asking the OACIQ to allow all Home Inspectors with recognised association education, association certification and E&O insurance to be allowed to be marketed freely by the Organisme d’autoréglementation…
No bias or conflict of interest would then exists for the client that needs **an AT ARMS LENGTH **relationship without and no conflict of interest to this huge financial decision.
Read more.

This is a false statement! I would never ask for a requirement to be on a “list”. It is a simple matter for a Realtor to supply a list of… oh let’s say… 10 names to a buyer… and very easily make certain you never get called! They are off the hook because they gave the buyer a “list”. There are ways to steer a client away from your name. The human mind is easily swayed when you are not paying attention.