Oahi Agm Date

Hey has anyone heard of when the AGM is to take place with OAHI? :mrgreen:

No word on date as far as I know

Tic, tic, tic… I wonder how the financial picture is shaping up?

Raymond - Nobody has heard at this point; the members are waiting. It’s likely they are getting not just the financials ready, but answers to many questions.

I’ve been told to look to mid-April. There are some really dedicated people now working on getting us answers and proper financial information. As one of the loudest critics, I have spoken to some individuals involved and I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I won’t provide details because ths is a NACHI Forum and OAHI matters are not appropriately discussed here. OAHI has its own forum in which members can properly do that.

Bill Mullen

I have heard April 17th as the date, but who knows.

As to the financial matters and such regardless whether we are given answers does not justify what has gone on. People are at fault, and there is no excuse for someone signing a 5 year lease at $17K per year without membership approval, not to mention other monies being spent without approval.

Thanks Claude and Bill.

All the best.

I heard march 14 around 5 pm at the tim hortons around the corner


Well I think OAHI should seek approval from the members to spend members monies on donuts!


Are you planning to be there?:twisted: :twisted:

PS: Or are you allowed to be there??

Hi Brian You bet I will be there! Yes I am allowed to go, and I think some will be dreading the fact I will be there to ask the hard questions some fear to ask, particularly where and how the members money (very large sums) have been spent contrary to well established by law rules that such large sums require members approval! Would you like to come to be an observer and to ensure the proxies are not abused as they have been in the past?

The A.G.M. at Timmy’s?! What a great idea. Finallly a reason to go. I am assuming it will be in the former ‘smoking and mirrors’ section! :mrgreen:

Given the severity of the financial concerns, it might be advisable to forgo donuts and save money by serving Tim Bits!

Get that date. Last year I planned a road trip to visit old friends in the building industry …through New Brunswick down through the NE states and maybe into Brockville/Ottawa areas…but got a gov’t contract that needed my time. Sort of planning the same this spring…could head your way as my old partner from the 80’s lives in London, ON now!! We have to sample that Scotch!!!

Brian The rumour mill, (lots of rumours) has the date of April 17. However I expect they will only permit members into the AGM. If you happen to be passing through you are more than welcome to stop in for a drink and a bite to eat. I am approximately 45 minutes north of Toronto International Airport. Cheers,

Hey whareat Idea, and they can share them so everyone will get some, great Idea Ray

I expect they just might want to drop your appeal the last in 2004 cost them $35,000;00 ~ and they have never forgiven me.
I wonder is that why Bill Mullen treats me so poorly .
OAHI does not have eneough extra funds to give to CAHPI to give to the National certification .
I believe all three are short in funds.


Hmmmmm donuts! :slight_smile: