OBC & Balcony Gurad rail

could someone please till me what is the current Ontario Building Code requirements of apartment building balcony railing height? what is the section on the Code that mentioned balcony guardrail requirements.

Thanks in advance

Depends when the building was built.

The Ontario Building Code states that a platform 24 inches or higher is required to be protected by a guard (railing) that has a minimum height of 36 inches. If the distance is 5 ft 11 inches above the ground, than the minimum guard (railing) height increases to 42 inches.

Thanks Claude Lawrenson, the building i’m referring to is a 7-storey residential building. I guess it is under part 3 of the code? please if you remember the section/article of that info please inform. thanks for your help

Yes Part 3 OBC - 2012 - Guards

(1) Except as provided in Sentence (6) and Articles and, a guard not less than 1 070 mm high
shall be provided,
(a) around each roof to which access is provided for
other than maintenance,
(b) at openings into smoke shafts referred to in
Subsection 3.2.6. that are less than 1 070 mm above the
floor, and
© at each raised floor, mezzanine, balcony, gallery,
interior or exterior vehicular ramp, and at other locations
where the difference in level is more than 600 mm.

Claude, The important thing is what you said in your first post. When was the building completed? If it was 2012 or later then 2012 code applies. If it was prior to that then no amount of bleating will require bringing it up to code. That’s why we are not code inspectors. That’s why the municipalities building inspectors are employed. That’s what worries me about some of the wording in the new CAN/CSA-A770. :smiley: