Wood Decks and Balconies section added to Commercial SOP.

www.nachi.org/comsop.htm Section 6.5.3.

Hey Nick;

6.5.3 J Commercial codes up here require that wall rails can be installed from
Guard rails need to be at 42" in height.

Possible to check this?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

We dug up a bunch of codes and 36" seems to be the defacto #:

CABO 1995… 36"
Fairfax County 1998… 36"
ICC… 36"
IRC and IBC 2003…36"
And we looked at a variety of Township and Cities… all 36"

IBC is 42" Nick.

Commercial is 42, residential (IRC) is 36"

Would you consider a 5 or more residential unit apartment building commercial or residential?


“Residential” is a use and occupancy classification. “Commercial” is not.

For the purpose of this discussion, we have to re-define the “residential” inspection as one for a structure that is for “personal use” as opposed to “commercial use”, or you will consitently be butting heads with IBC.

IRC- One and two Family ONLY

IBC- Three or more residential units or any other non-residential building

Therefore, for purposes of a “Commercial” railing question, IBC says 42"

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Actually, if you will simply read the 2nd paragraph of the IRC and the IBC (101.2 Scope) it makes it pretty clear.