Occupant Virus Release and Hold-Harmless Agreement for inspectors


Release Coronavirus Occupant Home Inspection Agreement


Thanks Nick and crew!


Thank you!

More docs: www.nachi.org/documents


Good course, glad I took it!!

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Thank you Nachi staff for think ahead

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Here’s nick form as a computer fillable PDF.

coronavirus Hold Harmless.pdf (51.4 KB)

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Very kind of you Bob! Thanks!

Can I just add this to my client agreement?

Not that anyone’s phone is ringing… I can’t imagine anyone willing to sign such an open-ended document, I know I wouldn’t. :mask:

In my opinion, what is needed is an addendum to the SoP outlining the Inspector’s PPE protocol when conducting home inspections.

That’s an understatement, for sure.

Thanks for all yo do

Thanks Nick. I think that agreement is a great option for those who want it, its awesome that you make stuff like this available so quicly. I wanted to share what I learned from my attorney, just FYI. When I asked my attorney if I should include a statement like this in my agreement, he said it was not necessary. He said the only way I would be liable is if I knew I had the virus and I knowingly entered the home without notifiying all parties attending the inspection. I’m curious to hear what others think about this advice.


That sounds about right. But, I would be more concerned with getting the virus than passing it on. I mean, the way some people live is atrocious.


It is nice to see you back on our forum, Jon!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks for this. Sorry we need it.

It is nice to see you back on the forum, Chris!..Enjoy! :smile:

Has anyone tried to use this or similar Occupant Virus Release Agreement?
Has anyone been willing to sign it?
We should also be asking all parties who have been in the home (the homeowners/tenants and possibly the realtors) to swear that they do not have symptoms or have tested positive. I think it is more important to protect ourselves from getting sick than from being sued.

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