!! OCT 21st Electrical Seminar Postponed !!

I am sorry to say that I have to postpone the Electrical Seminar on the 21st of OCT due to a poor responce in sending in your form and check. I posted five places on the Nachi board and our www.linachi.org site also that the 12th was the day that I would decide if we had enough people and everyone didn’t believe me but it is postponed. All those that sent your form and check will receive them back by mail, also or if you tell me I will shred them, whatever you want let me know PLEASE!!!
I would like to thank those who did respond.
I am really upset, I spend many hours setting up things for you people for your benifit and knowledge and this is how you respond.

I have made a decision that starting the first of the year the Long Island Chapter will have to charge a yearly fee to the members.
That way we can have monthly or bimonthly meetings and the lets say “Dues” pays for the room and expenses that way everyone can pay for what the meal costs at the meeting,if you come good if not so be it.
If you people want a chapter FINE but you have to support it.
After the first of the year if you join you will still be on the Chapter member list. If you do not join you will be taken off of the L I Nachi chapter member list.

If anyone thinks that I am being to harsh let me know, you all know many ways to get intouch with me, but just incase here !!!
Te: 631-495-5177
E-Mail: allaround@optonline.net
Web: allaroundhomeinspections.com

Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]:frowning: