October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, how many of you are wearing PINK this month?


We are!

See a picture here:

I’ve never wore pink a day in my life (not even for a second). I feel that as a man, I should keep feminine colors for the ladies. I have no problem with other men wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness. I buy plenty of items to support breast cancer awareness.I just feel that I wouldn’t feel like a man, sporting around in a hot pink shirt or even a hat. Please tell me how it made you feel the first time you threw on a pink shirt. I know that one InterNACHI member here in North Carolina wears pink for the month of October and his business is thriving. How do you keep your masculinity, and support breast cancer at the same time? Honestly if I could understand, I’d probably order one of WWE’S- Susan Coleman shirts. I’m really swamped right now but will read the replies later on tonight. Stay safe everyone.

It’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

You’ve got issues. Feeling violated by a color…I figured that would have disappeared after graduating from grade school. I think most guys wouldn’t even give it a second thought.


Jeff Wicklander, you figured wrong brother. Some of us just never have never sported the color pink. Man, I just asked for someone to explain to me how to make the transition from every day clothes, to a pink breast cancer shirt. You say I have issues: Dude, maybe I have more than you realize. You couldn’t be more right Jeff. People come from different walks of life. If I saw you wearing pink here in North Carolina, I would assume that you are supporting- breast cancer. On the other hand, if you were from Southwest Virginia, and you see a man wearing pink or a flower in his hair, or kissing a guy, then you’d swear he was funny. Now Jeff, I don’t personally know you, but I still respect you. I’m sure that you can’t find your hot pink booty shorts to go with your pink slippers and that’s why you are attacking me on this message board. I understand more than you think man. You are trying to twist my words around. If I was a northernmost kind of guy, like you I’d proudly wear all feminine colors with pride as well. I’m not man, I am a backwoods, countryboy, mountain man, hillbilly redneck. As far as our education goes dude: we can put our degrees side by side and measure. I imagine that you’ll be pretty embarrassed to find out that mine would be way longer than yours. Jeffrey, I wasn’t going to post this because of my respect for you but after reading your well educated reply to my post, I figured to go ahead and post not really giving a flying f**k. Happy breast cancer awareness month Jeffrey and stay safe man.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for finding a cure and my family has been affected, but, many more women die from heart disease. We need more heart disease awareness!
Also, no offense to anyone but I probably wear a pink polo or button down a few times a year. Must be because I’m northern! LOL
Is it ok to wear pink since I hunt, fish, camp, etc.?

Real men don’t really think a feminine color makes them any less of a man. Actions make them what they are. Supporting a cause is really all it is about.

If you were unsure about me, I am married have three kids, two dogs
I teach shooting, take Martial Arts, drive a Harley, have a boat and go fishing. Yet I have no problem wearing pink, especially for a good cause.

I think watching the WWE is more feminine than wearing pink.

If you think about it, your form of entertainment is watching two or more men at a time roll around on a mat with each other…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Alright everyone, I see what you all are saying. Maybe I should apologize. Jeffrey Wicklander and others, I apologize for not really understanding. I didn’t see anything wrong with a more masculine color saying: I support the fight against breast cancer. I correct my kids when they do wrong and expect them to learn from it. Now I’m in their shoes and I’m being corrected. I will go tomorrow and buy a pink shirt supporting Breast cancer. I will think of each of you, while wearing it. I will learn from this day and move on to become a better man. Once again, no hard feelings were meant on my end.

That’s awesome, Michael.

I just had a close friend go through this this year so it’s personal for me.

My wife is just getting through with the treatments for this curse. I don’t mind kicking some tough guys butt while wearing my pink shirt. I just purchased a pink drill to remove dead front covers with yes I said a pink drill :wink:

I am glad you decided to be supportive, if you learn something great, if you grow even better.

Heading to Wal-Mart to get me a shirt and a hat.

Many have been affected. Some don’t get the option to move along in life. :frowning:

It is a good man that learns as he moves along in life….:smiley:

I shaved my head when my wife went through chemo. It is a fantastic cause., and there are so many advances in this everyday.
Save the TaTas

I would like to to this time to thank those who are supporting cancer this month, My daughter was told about 3 months ago she may have only 2 to 3 years . she is just furnished chemo , how ever it did get worst now she waiting to find out what is next . 32 is way to young . Again thank you so much.

Wayne thank you for sharing, hoping the best for your daughter I fully understand what your feeling. My wife at age 39 1/2 had t-cell lymphoma and underwent a bone marrow transplant with full body radiation. At the time the cut off date for a transplant was age 40 but today with the stem cell type transplants age is not a factor. Two years ago she developed breast cancer as a result of the full body radiation went thru some tough chemo and more radiation again and has again beat the grim reaper so Wayne there is always hope tell your daughter we are praying and pulling for her what is her first name. My wife Vie is a good Cancer counselor if your daughter needs someone to talk to we can arrange that.

Charlie thank You . she lives in Canada her name is Tricia . She is a tough young lady and i am sure she beat this . I am thankful that she up there , she is getting great medical care . She just bought a home before she found out . My sister has beaten it 3 times my mother lost her battle after 18 years about 25 years ago . Things sure have change sense then

They sure have made great advances with cancer research. The color pink has a whole new meaning for me and my family. This is just for all the tough manly dudes that think pink is for women only, Okla has a pink firetruck that travels through out the state for breast cancer awareness and all the firemen wear pink Tee shirts when the truck visits their town its a great organization that does this and I am thankful to be a part of it