Odd grounding question.

The electrical panel had no bonding and no ground connection (inside). Also with one exception there were zero ground wires in the panel. However ALL the circuits in the home tested that they were grounded.

Here’s what I found… Each three wire did go to the panel. Blacks to breakers, whites to buss bar lugs… Their ground wires, were snipped short, reversed, and fastened to the panel at the entrance nuts. The copper service ground was on the side of the panel, and more or less tucked behind it. This then ran to an old copper water pipe that was jammed up against the gas line.

Would you guys give me some suggestions on wording a comment? On the surface this looks horrible to me, but I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill. (Of course if it is a mountain, I want to document it accurately.)

Jeez… it would have been easier to do it right :shock::roll::smiley:

Improper connections of EGC’s and GEC to panelboard. Recommend licensed and qualified electrician to repair.