"Home warranties are a waste of money"

Or any warranty, for that matter… says Dave Ramsey. Who knew?http://www.philly.com/philly/business/personal_finance/Heres_why_most_warranties_are_a_waste_of_money.html

I did; but I have listened to Dave Ramsey for years.

Dave Ramsey also explains how to fins a good home inspector. He directs consumers to one link, InterNACHI. Read Dave Ramsey’s advice on how to find a good home inspector.

http://www.daveramsey.com/blog/hire-home-inspectors/?ectid=elp.facebook.post.7-28-2013 “Like” that page.

How can that be true? The foundation, and reason for success, of some inspectors is the 90 day warranty. So Dave must be wrong.

Please note, tongue is firmly placed in cheek.

Home warranty companies receive some of the most consumer complaints of any industry. But I repeat my self :wink:

4 Reasons Home Owners Hate Home Warranties

Personally I think many clients searching for a Inspector see warranties offered by them as a sign the guy is afraid he is going to miss something.
Psychological or not.
The more one looks like a marketer the less they look like a professional.

Spot on.

Good read and I saw that Dan posted in the comments section a couple of years ago.

I am with Bob. I have posted many times on this board, and even post my opinion, about HI warranties and how they project a false sense of security about the HI to the home buyer. Let the REA’s handle them.

Simply feel Home Inspection is about Home Inspection and not finding ways to pretend it is anything more than that.

People are under a ton of stress clients ] and trying to be some whirlwind AUX service pushing,up selling,marketer can backfire especially for those that do not have charismatic personalities to begin with.

People see through deception even if on a sub-conscious level.

I fully understand a Newbies desire to differentiate themselves in order to gain a foothold of networking however plastering logos and promoting giveaways is not some magic charm because after the sales talk is finished they must perform as a actual Inspection company .

That being said the general population is full of uneducated people that will fall for shiny lights however the very fact that these flashy gimmicks exist has the effect of lowering us as professionals with self respect and turns us into yet another money grabbing industry that can not be trusted.

Home Inspection is all about TRUST .

When Home buyers stop trusting us they will stop using us.

So I can assume you’re not a fan of the free 5 year roof leak warranty either?

Fan of doing what is being paid for.
Home Inspection.
Not pushing or selling anything beyond that.
If everything is under warranty why the hell do they need you?
Just sell a warranty and leave.

There is a big, huge multi-inspector firm in my area that does just that.

It is not the way I’d want my home inspected, but they obviously do well.

I have no idea why anyone would complain about warranties or guaranties offered by a business trying to offer more to their client. Even InterNACHI offers the Buy back guarantee. Give more get more… That is business. Nothing wrong with staying small, but don’t diss the guy who wants to grow a larger business and offer more to the client. If you can offer and deliver, all the power to you!

So IYO only those wishing to stay small do not offer warranties ?
Guess we know who your leader is . baaaa baaaa

I find successful people do not need to follow others for guidance.

If you’re a one man show, as I am, and you want to stay a one man show, that is totally respectable and understandable. But, if you want to look outside the box and offer something different that you can back up to grow, as I do, what’s wrong with that. Just keep your comments positive and constructive so that everyyone benefits instead of knocking entrepreneurs down. Help them grow instead of trying to make yourself feel better…you’ll be more successful that way and probably feel better about yourself.

And, by the way, every successful business person has had a mentor at some point in time. No one does it alone!

Yep. He offers all of Nate’s gimmicks. ;-):wink:

A very successful business man… Do you disagree?