Oh Canada.... lack of home inspector regulations

Let’s see Bubb’s post will pizz off a home inspector or two, TWEE etc… fresh news TAday, got milk?

Lack of home inspector regulations leaves BUYERS on duh hook, woman left with $12,000 in repairs after home inspector missed duh leaking water in her basement. Alyssa Hanson, if you need any help, call Uncle Bubba 586 777 7973… and ummm, $12,000 est you got MAY be 'overdoing it, because many of the nitwits in this-businesss scam, lie, cheat, talk homeowners into much more than what is truly needed!!

When a home inspector says/claims they are going to ‘inspect’ basements, foundation walls, water intrusion etc then umm, it’s in your best interest to make sure you do that correctly, competently, not half azz’d like many do…lol, and they still refuse to listen and learn.

Let’s get BEYOND the crap that automatically assumes NO home inspector can open up a wall, drywall etc…nonsense! Ask the sellers to do so OR if you don’t want to then tell buyers to have someone else do it in the best interest of…the BUYERS, geezuz. This is some of the weakest bs I have ever heard. If YOU REALLY want to help buyers then do it, explain shtt better, damn man. Homeowners/sellers/buyers called you and are PAYING you, for help… if you can’t adequately help them, find a new job or maybe tell them you suck on this subject, sure, it gets you off duh hook now wouldn’t it which is what some inspectors care most about.

G. Clarke said, 'There is a very significant risk that a consumer can hire a home inspector who does not have adequate education, training or the experience to do the job properly… in the absence of any regulation, anybody can sound like they are eminently qualified to do the job, and they VERY OFTEN AREN’T"

And that is exactly what I have seen repeatedly, here at least… on THIS subject, decade after decade… and its almost always BUYERS getting screwed over DUE TO lack of knowledge/training etc on this–subject, duh!!

Back to what Graham Clarke said, apparently he is a member of the Canadian Assoc of home and property inspectors…“in the absence of any regulation, anybody can SOUND like they are eminently qualified TA do the job and they VERY OFTEN aren’t”… hmmmm. UN------BE—lievable how some HI’s HERE, right cheer biiiatch and moan and cry at ME, my posts, and I’m just trying to give them some facts on this subject, loooool

“Very often they are NOT qualified to do the job”… sooo true with leaky basements, cracked walls etc, they OFTEN miss this stuff that costs BUYERS quite a bit of money!!

Some HI’s don’t want to climb roofs, some don’t reallllly want to help homeowners/buyers/sellers on their leaky, wet basement, mold or efflorescence on walls or crack(s) in walls, nope… but they sure want that $350–$500. Eh man, I take risks all the time, 30++ years of digging friggin holes(possible cave ins, duuh), you really think I want to take this risk? I ask for no money down… and some won’t climb a roof to inspect the roof properly, fully? Some don’t want to educate themselves on this-subject as they think they know everything already, loool, NO you don’t, not even close baby. Taking risks is part of the job, we took these jobs… DO YOUR JOB would ya please or educate yourself better in order to help your clients better, geeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.

Oh Canada anthem by Sarah… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IyxGO4v0yA
Bubb’s changed a few words, 'Oh Can…a…duh, our home and native basements, true patriot love in all thy sons command… God keep our basements, glorious and dry, Oh Canada home inspectors stand on guard with inside systems for thee, like SquidGee

IMO, it should be up to the REA’s to recommend the best home inspectors to fully represent their home buyer/client.

They do not.

The REA’s want the cheapest, less-educated HI’s to inspect homes, so the home buyer will not be alarmed into walking away from a deal. Then, the REA’s blame the HI for not doing the job, when in actuality, it is the REA’s themselves.

They need to look in the mirror, when a problem arises. John, you need to go to them, not us.

Hello John, It is clear from your posts you have an axe to grind but also clear from the lack of responses to your posts few care or are listening to your ranting. There is a message in that lack of response you should listen to.

RE Agents represent their clients, but are told not to recommend the HI as it could be a conflict. Is it not a conflict if they don’t? This comes from Lawyers and Principal Brokers.

On the other hand, they need to come up with a “List” of cheap worthless inspectors to insure close of escrow.

The “Do not call” list is the list we should be concerned with… Get your hands on that one and you can retire.

I could care less if he has an “axe to grind”. I read his posts and watch his videos. Very informative.

I don’t respond to his posts because I have nothing important to add, but I now have a completely different perspective with regards to leaking foundations.

More inspectors should be reading his stuff as well.

Steve, thanks for your kind words man. Hope your business is doing well.

Steve, do you have family in the Detroit area? We’ll be doing a job for ‘the Payson’s’ in a week or two, no biggie/just wondering. Thanks man.