Ohio INACHI Member Passes

I am sad to report that [FONT=Arial]Pat Bennett of Above, Below & Beyond Home Inspection pass way yesterday from injuries he received from a fall while inspecting a garage attic. Pat fell through the ceiling of the garage and landed head first on the cement floor . He received sever head injuries and internal body damage. The doctors were unable to stop the brain bleeding. Pat will be greatly missed. Be safe out there guys. Rest in peace Pat Bennett :([/FONT]

Sorry to hear about, God Bless Pat and his family.

Deepest sympathies to his loving family.
A bit of solace for the family Mr. Roe, He is with his eternal family now and everyone will eventually unite

Although I do not know him; Thanks for the post.
REMEMBER; INACHI is a collective of individuals with the same genetic code (INACHI) one big family.:slight_smile:

Wow, my condolences

Mark, if you are in contact with the family, please pass along our deepest sympathies. So sad.

Very sad, you really never know.

What do you say in a time like this. My deepest sympathies does not seem like enough. As I was reading the post my hand went to my mouth and my heart sank like a stone. If there is anything his family needs you know that the members of NACHI will be there.

OMG… he’s been a veteran member here forever.

Our warmest condolences to his family…

My prayers go out to all his loved ones.

That’s terrible news. Sadly a grim reminder to Everyone to be cautious and safe out there.

This is really sad news. A hardhat wouldn’t have helped in this situation. We’ll send a flower arrangement on behalf of his fellow members. Heartbreaking news.

How horrible.
This could happen to anyone of us.
Be careful where you step guys.

Allow me to put a face to this tragic event.

Prayers go out to his family.

Nick you are great at getting the members together.
Along with the arrangement maybe a group signed INACHI PDF sympathy card and/or anything else INACHI has done for other long standing members. ($$$$)
Count me in.

Thanks for the face to the name Bob.

Here is a link for Pats information. I will really miss Pat for all of the great and some not great converstaions we had. From one INACHI brother to another, Rest in peace and may you have many happy inspections in heaven…


Thanks Nick.
Nice to see his life and his accomplishments.