NACHI/ASHI inspector fell off a 25 ladder and needs our help. Please help!

Ray Thoroman of Superior Home Inspections fell off a 25’ ladder and landed on a metal railing. He cracked 2 vertebrae. He can barely walk. He is 30 years old and won’t be able to inspect for several months. He has a wife and 2 kids.

I’m collecting donations. Please send something (even if it is only $5 or $10) please.

Make checks out to “Ray Thoroman” and send them to:

1750 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

I will forward them all to him. Thank you so much.


Can we maybe get a paypal link?

OH GOSH!!! Way too close to home!

Yes, please. A Paypal link. It will much easier and faster. I’ll send what I can.

Do you have details? Where is the break and what level of paralysis does he have? Is it a spinal cord injury or a vertebral fracture?

They are in my prayers. Also, I’d be happy to be available to the wife as I’ve been down this road for the last 4 1/2 years.


Stephen, I’ll ask Chris to set up a credit card system… but NACHI can take a credit card by phone also by calling Lisa at (303) 502-6214.

It will be far faster and allow alot more people to help, to have a Paypal account set up.

Some people may earn Paypal money but not have credit cards. All you need is an email address.

Nick are you or Deanna or Lisa going to be at the Denver course next weekend? If so I will make a contribution then…easier and faster for me.
Please pass on my families wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Nick, I’m currently offering NACHI members a huge Website makeover deal and will give anyone who wants it a $10 discount if they commit to send that money to Ray.

Why is this going to NACHI and not the foundation?

Everyone here is so understanding and I really appreciate it as will Ray’s family. I have known Ray since he started in the inspection industry and he has been very diligent at making customers happy, working hard and doing his job as he should. Everyone knows how hard it is to make ends meet, let alone when you have two kids and a wife.

What’s amazing though, he cracked two vertebrae by landing on a guardrail on a front stoop, and did not get parallyzed. Amazing that he’s walking (no steps for now). He recalled hearing crackling noises as did his customer upon impact.

This should serve as a friendly reminder for us all to be sure to use caution when using ladders whether high or low. Even when entering a scuttle hole at an attic, the ladder could flip out from under you even when setup as an “A” frame. Short/long term disability insurance may really be one of the best investments we could make for our own financial security, as something like this would generally be covered.

Wishing Ray a quick and healthy recovery!

To all those injured in our industry, thanks for serving the public. Think about what we really do. We protect and serve the public just as many other public safety employees do. The difference is, we are self employed.

For anyone wanting to send money directly to Ray via Paypal, his linked email address is:

You can just go into your account and click on send money and it’ll walk you through from there. You can also go to his website, he has a pay now button using Paypal.

Feel free to Email me with any questions…

Stephen Mark
Professional Home Inspectors of GA

Thank God he isn’t paralyzed. It must not have severed the spinal cord in any way. I’m so happy! I wouldn’t wish the trauma of a spinal cord injury on anyone. :frowning:

Greg, it isn’t going to NACHI or the Foundation. It is going to Ray:

I meant going through. I just thought that is what the foundation was set up for.

Here we go again…:roll:

I hope no one accuses him of just trying to scam NACHI members by deliberately falling off a ladder. :shock:


Don’t you have enough drama in your life?

No one has said anything about the person that this request is for.

Sorry…it was all so deja vu for a minute there. Didn’t you get all your questions answered about that last year? The Foundation/vs/NACHI members out of the goodness of their hearts?

My check is in the mail. Glad to help. That is unfortunate.


Grandpa always said… When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, all problems look like nails. :mrgreen:

Hey Joe,

Yes I know better than to get involved with one of our resident know it alls here on the board.

That is the main reason that this board has little value anymore. I do much better things with my time when I stay away from here.

Please take a look at why this thread was started and what it has manifested into.