Ohio Interest Groups Battle Over Housing Efficiency Codes

With all the talk over energy efficiency, you would think the builders would be on board and promoting that instead of opposing it.


In my state, builders use their PAC money to fight basic building codes.

It’s all about profit. The less money you have to put into materials and labor to build the home, the more you get to pocket from the selling price.

Homes are not (yet) appraised for their energy efficiency value, although a federal govt test program in 10 cities is now underway to change that. Until then, the additional building costs will not result in a ROI, so it is resisted.

Builders need to sell the homes they build.

With the market the way it is they will have a harder time selling homes when there is so much competition from existing housing or homes built without the mandated energy features.

There is no free lunch and some still believe the free market is the best way.

It’s a tough sell to convince someone they should spend thousands more when they may not see a return on the investment for 20 years especially when few remain in a home for more than 7 years.

When you go to sell they will have to try and convince someone else that there home is worth more than others. Good luck with that.:shock: