New home buyers could really use help!

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]( **Carl wrote:**Cindy,

They are still building them to fail to this day! And Homeowners won’t speak up because they are affraid the property values will drop.

Something needs to be done to stop the train of destruction of the american dream.

I agree. I feel the fault is squarely on the builders. When I say home buyers need to be more educated about construction, I mean they have to know this stuff for their own protection. They should NOT HAVE TO, but sadly, they must learn it to have a chance of avoiding builders who build this way. We’re preaching to the choir here. Any ideas on how to reach people who are planning to build but haven’t thought to seek out complaint sites? Many buyers have stars in their eyes and aren’t looking for the negatives at that stage, but that is when they need to learn this stuff, BEFORE they sign a contract and build a house.

If most/all buyers could drive by a housing development and see how shoddy they were, and just keep driving, the industry would either lose the bad builders, or they would have to start building right to stay in business. At this point I feel many builders don’t even know what proper construction IS, because shoddy construction has become so acceptable.

Consumers have always had the power to shape an industry, but ONLY if they know what they’re buying.

The industry will not change or improve simply because a few people tell them it’d be the “right thing to do.” IMO, unless consumers simply stop buying inferior houses, it will continue to be profitable to build junk, and we’ll continue to have “new home nightmares.” The question then, is how to reach millions of home buyers before it is too late. We all have great info, we’re just not reaching a large enough audience in time.

is this the famous ‘’ STUCCOMAN’’ ??

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And that is the way it is on this day October 15th, 2006, and now page two.

Isn’t that the truth, and what are the Consumers going to do about it if they do not read or hear what the reality is?
We, as NACHI representatives is and are our goal to satisfy and educate the Consumer of Home Purchases help to identify exactly the condition of a home that they are about to purchase and feel comfortable to spend a life time of savings for that benefit. For all that provide that service, you can not feel so much obligation to provide the out most service for someone They will spend a life staking obligation in monetary value,

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With all that said how do you make people understand their house, the biggest investment of their lives could use a checkup just like going to the Dr. ? Even though they are not selling it or it is just a couple years old.

Just to stay on top of issues that could over time cost them big bucks.