Ohm's Law Puzzle

For those electricians who remember Ohms law and those who took it in School .
What is the total resistance of a one Ohm cube .
Each black line is 1 ohm resistance Line comes in Bottom Left and goes out top right that = 12 resisters in series and ,Parallel and in series Parallel.
Wow first time I have thought of this in 55 years


I have no idea what this has to do with home inspections but enjoy. :wink:


Mike …

Thanks for your support Bob yes you are correct .
Some just never grow up so sad … Roy

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The big difference is Roy made the first post .
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And you will please note that don’t post them in the home inspection portions of the message board.

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I entered a puzzle for all interested in Electrical and electricians . Mike could not wait to post the answer removing the challenges instantly .
Mike loves to blame others but he still has to show how he follows Roy and challenges many of Roys posts.

I remember that from school, and forgot it the day after the test … :mrgreen:

But Ohms Law is indirectly relative to home inspections. It’s not that HI’s need to know Ohms Law, but the basic concepts it represents are relevant.

It’s used in the NACHI introductory electrical inspection course … http://www.nachi.org/electricalcoursereleased2006.htm … (and many other electrical inspection courses, including the one I teach) to help describe why you get a very high current draw at a low resistance (I=V/R)

JMO & 2-Nickels … :wink:


Electrical Current Flow.jpg

Electrical Current Flow.jpg

Ohms Law.jpg


Thanks Robert.
I too had forgot about it and thought it would be a challenge for those new and old electricians to see it again ,56 Years since I did this .
Thanks for your frequent info much brings back memories … Roy

Everyone should know OHMS LAW…:wink:

There should be a LAW against not knowing OHMS LAW…

We all know an ohm is where the Englishman angs is at