Oil fired boiler

Taking the required HVAC course and describing the boiler system. This Burnham heating system is a fuel oil fired circulating hot water system. The heating system fuel is supplied by a 275 gallon above ground fuel tank located in the basement. The boiler systems age is approximately 2 years old and is functional. There are 2 circulator pumps servicing the first and second floors which are operational. No CO readings were monitored at time of inspection. The flue pipe is a rigid metal pipe entering the brick chimney and is sealed properly. Hot water for household use is supplied by the internal hot water coil located within the boiler system.

What is the year of the tank .

20150103_113043_resized.jpgTaking the HVAC Systems online EDU. This FAU warm air furnace is in my house. We purchased it two and a half years ago. I inspected it pre-sale and know its issues. It was built in 1980, slab on grade in a Zone 5 temp area (northern Nevada). I’ve seen very few, if any of this type of installation (can’t remember seeing this before). It’s a Goodman (installed in 2006), 90,000 btu input, down draft, 80% AFUE for a 2200 sq. ft. house with a 600 sq. ft. 5-12 vaulted ceiling. Exterior walls are 8’, 2x6. Seems under sized and because the supply ducting was installed under the slab, the air exiting the farthest registers (60’) is only about 83’ F in the dead of winter. The closest registers exit air is about 90’ F to 93’ F. As home inspectors we are not experts or are not required to estimate or evaluate the capabilities of a heating and cooling systems. Although it is my opinion that our clients would certainly want to know about a system installed like this. There does not appear to be anything out of code on this system, provided it was installed per plan (I have the original plans). (I’m also an ICC certified inspector and BPI certified energy evaluator).
I plan on replacing the entire system soon, minimally abandoning the sub-terrain duct work and installing R-8 insulated flex ducts in the attic with an addition insulation wrap. Hopefully I can get an updraft 90%+ AFUE and use the under slab duct work as returns with filtration at the unit.

I have installed a oil fired boiler from boiler service nyc earlier but,now a days a loud noise is coming from my boiler is that a normal sign of that boiler or something bad will happen to it ?
Hoping for the better solution of this.

I see this type of system on a daily bases. I would recommend you do your homework before using the existing Supply air duct beneath the slab as the return for a upgraded upflow system based on the age of the home you stated 1980. You need to know if the existing duct system is metal, PVC schedule 20 or transite and what the condition is if it is metal there could be holes due to rust, a camera scan is the only true way to determine the condition. IF it is metal I would not recommend using it for the conversion on a long term and if it is Transite I am not a fan due to asbestos

An excessive noise from any type of mechanical equipment is not acceptable operation recommend service by a licensed contractor