oil fired

What do YOU guys inspect when looking at an oil fired furnace and water heater?
It is a buried tank.

I usually start with the storage tank ( rusty?..especially the bottom?), if visible, and follow the line(s) to the furnace noting condition (rust, damage, protection, etc.), shut off valve, filter, etc.

Check adequate venting for combustion air, oily smoke (soot) or smells at the unit, firebox port, top of chimney and barometric damper. Check for damaged or deteriorating firebox lining. Other than bright orange or yellowish white flames is an indication of inefficient combustion.

Check for excessive noise or vibrations, draft spillage, clearances and proper chimney and piping.

Really, oil furnaces need service annually so I recommend that too.

Here is some info on tanks:



Andy, I look at the color of the flame and check for any sootiness, also I try to get a real good look at the refractory liner to check for cracks in it.

As to the burried tank, you have to recommend specialist evaluation of that component as so many of those are failing.