Oil Furnace Damper Issue (posted by J. Lawson)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by J. Lawson (from Seaford, VA). [/ASKNACHI]I saw your questions on line and figured I would contact you for a possible answer. I have an oil fired furnace that is about 3yrs old. When it was installed the barometric damper was installed but no weight was put on it, that I figure is utilized to control it. I am having a problem with the opening for the damper that is in the garage spitting oil soot out of it and into my garage getting on whatever I have around the damper or below it. Why is it blowing soot from the damper hole and how do I get it to stop blowing the soot out of the damper area and into my garage? I was a certified chimney sweep for about 12 years so I understand somethings but I have no experience with the barometric dapmers.


Please call an oil furnace tech.

Oil furnaces are very finicky and a lot of things could be the issue or associated.

We can not make evaluation on line and a box full of test equipment is required by you to further evaluate our questions.

I can tell you one thing for sure, there is something wrong.

Improper ignition. Back drafting flue.
If soot is blowing out, so is combustion gas and CO.
Why is there so much soot in the first place? Improper burn. Improper sized nozzle. Bad air mix. Bad oil pump.