Oil furnace-fuel oil or service oil leak?

I’m about to write up this Thermo Flo Oil furnace for fuel oil leak. Now it dawns on me that the ol motor bearings might have a little oil spillage below.
The cabinet wasn’t wet, just damp, like wiped up oil. Two drops below motor didn’t move, nor did they show puddleing. Do these motors have oil’d bearings?
Thanks, Bill O

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Bill if you did not see a oil cup or grease zert it would be a sealed bearing motor. Not uncommon to see a bit of oil from someone servicing or bleeding a line down. if you operated the unit and did not see a physical leak I would not even worry about it

Exactly Charlie…
I Actually wrote it up for service, then recalled the little oil zert fitting above the blower motor and the fan motor. With a recent service, I did just that…nothing…
Thanks, Bill O