Oil Leak

Can anyone give me some advice on this oil slick on a front lawn (see Pictures). it was seen in a pool of water on the front lawn about 30 feet from a buried oil tank. Is there a possibility that this could be from a leaking tank? The homeowner says they got an oil delivery a couple of days ago, but want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Yes it could .
Smell it , Oil can be extremely expensive to clean up .
We found one 9 years ago cost then to clean up 100 gallons was about $70,000;00 .
I expect it will cost a lot more now .
Write hard talk soft miss nothing . Buried Oil taks here cost a lot of money to remove

Thanks, it did smeel like oil, my concern is whether this is from the hose being dragged across the grass or form a leak.

Same difference oil on Ground requires Immediate Further evaluation .
CJA , Cover Jeffrey’s a s s
I was told $4,000;00 a yard to remove contaminated soil in out area .
This could be a lot on money to fix .


Reporting Requirements – Oil Spills and Hazardous Substance Releases - Regulated facilities must report discharges of oil or releases of hazardous substances to EPA and/or other federal, state, and local government agencies. Information about reporting requirements, exemptions from these requirements, and where to call in the event of an oil spill can be found on this page.

A good friend of mine owned a family gas station (2nd generation) who’s underground tanks had a leak… contaminated neighboring residential properties and ground water. The family business is now a parking lot.

It doesn’t matter where the source is from. It does matter that there is now contamination and risk to ground water. State it as such and let the experts hash it out. In our neck of the woods, residential tanks do not fall under any strict regulation, however if ground water became contaminated from a neighbor’s leaky tank or the supply company’s accident, you better believe the current home owner will be getting letters from all the neighbors attorneys…