Oil Tank fill & vent ?

I recently inspected a home that the fill and vent pipe were in a attached garage. I advised the client I did not believe this was ok and that they should be on the exterior of the home. I called the oil supplier for the home and inquired (just said one of their customers i did not tell them address). They said it is not code and if they thought it was unsafe they would require it be addressed. So I said ok. I called another provider and inquired just to be diligent since I was obviously ignorant. They gave they same answer. Now I was under the impression these had to go to the exterior?

Soooo I am curious what all have to say or point out (even if obvious). I did point it out if anyone is curious I figured I would protect my butt and let them decide.

Reason I am even mentioning is I just did a home that the fill was in a basement which is only accessible thru a 25ft+ deep attached garage. If I call this provider for the client and they say the same I feel that makes me look dopey to all involved since they are the pro. Again I did put it in the report. anyway.



NFPA 31 - 8.5.2 states OUTSIDE A BUILDING AT LEAST 2 ft away from opening window / door.
I say garage is Not outside.

Thanks. I’ve never seen that and did not know.

This is actually what I referenced in the report.

Also 09 IRC 2203.3&5

M2203.3 Fill piping. Fill piping shall terminate outside of buildings at a point at least 2 feet (610 mm) from any building opening at the same or lower level. Fill openings shall be equipped with a tight metal cover.

M2203.5 Vent termination. Vent piping shall terminate outside of buildings at a point not less than 2 feet (610 mm), measured vertically or horizontally, from any building opening. Outer ends of vent piping shall terminate in a weather-proof cap or fitting having an unobstructed area at least equal to the cross-sectional area of the vent pipe, and shall be located sufficiently above the ground to avoid being obstructed by snow and ice.

Kind of “funny” the oil supplier said it is wrong but apparently has been filling it all these years.

I am sorry if I wrote it poorly. They stated that having it in the garage was not against code. If they thought there were a issue they would of required it to be fixed.

Gotcha. I misunderstood, read too fast.