Quick question about oil storage tank fill

Is it allowed to fill up a oil storage tank inside a home ?

Yes, although it’s very expensive.

That’s a good question. I’ve never thought about that. Most tanks have the vent and fill pipe outside or in the garage (mine is in the garage). I would be surprised if there is any official “rule” out there on this, but one concern would be having the vent indoors, as your appears to be.

Here is some good info on the fill and vent pipes…


Tank is empty. Was it still hooked up?


Just a little oil left. Did run the heat just for a little while.

Newer tank and in use.


I see a lot of oil tanks here. Have never came across one that couldn’t be filled from the exterior of the home. All new tanks here are fiberglass with no expiry.


Hi Mark, I know that this isn’t what you asked. But I would probably suggest that it be made to be able to fill from exterior.


I just mention what I saw and mention it must be filled from the interior. Consult with a heating contractor.

The house overall is just weird. It “burnt down” and was total “rebuilt” from the foundation up as per the seller. Not exactly true from what I saw (attic looks original, stairs, older furnace and ac., roof, etc.). When it was “rebuilt”, it was not put back together correctly -electrical panel box is a mess, newer oil tank (see photo), etc. Most likely done without permits.

That’s a good call, I personally would be more concerned with it venting into the structure than it being filled from inside, although in the end it is up to the company that fills it, both the venting and filling of the tank.

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