Oil tank in the attic

I love my job :slight_smile:

this place happen to have a boiler at one time?

Oil tank?

Looks like a 55 gal drum to me.

It sure isn’t for oil:roll:

It was for a furnace.

Lol Put me on Ignore!

They had oil in it? really that is a surprise I was thinking it may have been for a boiler
they use to install open tanks in the closet or attics

why would an oil tank line enter the drum form the top with no threaded connection?

I think Juan called it wrong.

It was for the furnace. I think I will make a blog about it to drive Mike nuts :slight_smile:

You really have no idea, right.

Tell me how it would function.

If you can’t you are making it up.

I was thinking the same thing about the piping 1/2 pipe appears at the top . i never seen a 1/2 solder pipe used for oil.
Did it have 2 lines ? it may may have been a open system for a old boiler .

Do you have a picture of the oil furnace is what I would have asked Michael.

that was my thought.

Some kind of goofy expansion tank.

I wonder if Juan has ever seen one.:shock:

Hey Juan I did not know you had Curley with you for a ride along??? how did he know so much about your inspection;-)

I am not sure how they knew so much about the house. I wonder why they think there was a boiler. There was hardly any plumbing in the house at all. The bathroom was outside!

Post some pics and we’ll tell you more than you want know.

I was thinking with the line a the top and ask if there was another line , i guess you missed that question , i cant figure why it was on the top is the reason i asked . I was wondering if it was for a old boiler . which could have been removed years ago ( it is not hard to see the home is old . perhaps it was a moonshiners house.

Does Oil run up hill!

From the pic it looks like there was a fire in that attic?

Was it a holding tank then? Possibly a pipe out on the bottom of the other side of the barrel?

He ain’t saying and we can all guess why.