Old oil furnace

Hey Guys. We dont see many of these old furnaces here in florida. One return, one register, oil. Any info you can give me on this would be great. Its 40 or so years old so any comments would be great. Just want to know more about it.

See photos






At that age the unit needs to have all walls of the combustion chamber checked for cracks. This can normally only be accomplished by a partial dis-assembly. The one in my sons house was from 1957. Each side of the chamber had up to 1/4 inch wide cracks and buckling of the walls. My personal recommendation is to get rid of a unit this age. JMHO

Not a furnace it is a space heater , rim burner See the oil float . gravity feed around a ring. the top normally gets pin holes, that thing is as old as i am and its needs to retire .

Btw you lite with Kleenex

Oh yeah the float sometimes sticks then you have a mess. lol. Lets see if my memory serves me right thats the cleans out where the line feeds into the chamber that has to be cleaned out about once a month. because it gets clogged with goo.

“goo” ??

We’re really going back in time aren’t we Wayne?! :wink:

Ok i could of said residue . still a step back in time . i service those pieces of crap many times .lol it is goo.
The old pipe cleaner came in handy.always loved it when someone filled it up with oil trying to lite it . Now that was fun.

Your answer was fine!

It just struck me funny, considering OUR age!
I can hardly talk to my 14 year old niece these days! :wink:

I know the feeling all to well. And i have to deal with that whipper snapper Sean also lolol

Just out of interest what make is this furnace?