Old Brick multi family conversion

Garden unit in a building 100 years old (est) no records.
Rehab performed in 2006

My only view of the foundation was in the spa tub panel and what I found was a asphalt based substance sprayed or painted directly on to the foundation.
Foundation was either brick or stone but hard to tell through the gunk.
(note ) you can see that some of it has fallen off at end of my arrow.
Insulation batting was sticking to the substance.
Looking at the exterior pictures,how would you comment in the report.?
(note) you can see buyer is looking at Unit that was originally the furnace room by Observed bricked over coal door.

No signs of Water Intrusion at the interior as of yet.



Two bumps and out.
Thanks for all the replies.:slight_smile:

RR may be right about Active rain.

Bob its hard for me to see these properly.Have a question,are they reclaimed brick.
I see this all the time on houses.
A family want an old look to there unit.Ask contractor for old looking brick.They pickup the brick at a re-bricking supplier.I go often for brick to match to colour and texture(batch style).They mistakenly buy and apply the brick and you have longevity down the drain.

Look there is restoration to that brick that was performed by a nut job.Pointing is atrocious.Joints not ironed properly. Concave jointing works best on those clay brick.Then they painted some of the jointing.That will make it degrade even faster.From the grade line up 8 inches, should be cement encased at the very least.Looks like an old Flemish brick bond but its so dirty from unseasoned workers I can,t tell , its a shame.Lots of older building out in Montreal.I regularly work on 100 year old homes doing tuch-pointing ( redoing brick joints ).I am a mason its my second trade.3rd would be cement finishing but only have 2 grade apprentice.