OLD Carrier Furnace... AGE?

Anybody with an educated guess as to the age of this fine unit??
Home built 1912. No A/C.
Still worked perfectly, but must really ‘huff’ the NG during our Minnesota Winters!!!
Thanks in advance.

Model# 58 E125 VG
Serial# 730036
Series# 118

(Yes, I know, age doesn’t matter). :wink:

How’s 1967 sound?

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Well, my guesstimate to the client was… the '60s!! :wink:

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Cool! Get the message I sent?

Yes, thanks. I just sent a reply!!

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I searched all the old Nachi threads for hints, and many other places… all different formats.

Yeah, this is the 7 digit serial, different again. Carrier made things a bit confusing for sure.

67 it is! I know it’s the yrs I was born!,


Carrier always was a PIA to decipher, which is why I bothered posting at all.
Kinda of a ‘heads up’ to new inspectors and maybe perhaps someone will share their knowledge.

On a side note… kinda interesting that Old Man Charlie hasn’t shown up in a while, (even though he has a problem with people like me that won’t take his crap!), so one has to wonder… is he still alive???

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Here I found this from Moore, Nov 09

Didn’t he retire?!

Dunno. I know he was training his kid to take over.
With all his BS ranting and tearing up others for not climbing EVERY roof in existance, I always figgered when it was his time to go, it would be a gainer off a 20:12!!

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Ole Charley retired around Christmas '19!

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Musta been the week before/thru Christmas when I was in the hospital.

Fall off a roof?!

Nope… Heart- Arteries… double bypass… zero symptoms… discovered anomalies during my annual physical in November. Doctor said I was lucky to still be alive!!

Be well OK? :smiley:

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Wow! Glad things went well! Feel any better since things were discovered and fixed?