Furnace age

I am looking for the year of birth for this furnace,
Carrier Model # 58GP075-3 Serial # 2484A16227

Thanks in advance.

Hi Louis. I come up with 24th week of 1984

Thanks Richard, That’s what I thought but the buyer is telling me that the structure was built in 1990. It is also in the diclosure statement. It just doesn’t jive. Any ideas.


Recommend Client or R/E Agent run a permit check through the local BID.
The house could have sat, the Seller disclosure info. could be wrong, for whatever reasons, the furnace could be a replacement unit that was prev. installed, again whatever reasons. Something possibly stinks!!!

Thanks Greg, my thoughts exactly. See you in December at Atlanta NACHI meeting.

It is the 24th week of 1984.

One of the reasons I record all manufacturer names, model numbers, and serial numbers is because, while I was doing property renovations, about once a year I would buy a property that had a recently installed appliance in it but when I closed escrow found the newer appliance removed and an older unit installed. Unfortunately, I still find such things going on here in San Diego. Most recently, back in July, the nice, new microwave exhausting hood unit had been removed and a recirculating unit installed. Clients questioned it when they moved in because there was a hole in the cabinet ceiling where the exhaust vent once was. ART tells me that previously, I’ve had four dishwashers, one water heater, a trash compactor, six microwaves, one washer, and one dryer removed and replaced with inferior units.

I don’t inspect washers and dryers, but I take hundreds of pictures, and I was able to go to my files and email my Clients pictures of the washer and dryer that were there at the time of the inspection.