Old Fuse Box


I’m hoping to get input on this circa 1940’s fuse box. It appears each fuse block is rated for 60 amps with each housing two 30 amp fuses. What concerns me is what appears to be double and triple tapping below and the melted black plastic below coming from the silver cylindrical resister top left with the two wires connected to the left main power cable. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Kevin

Call an electrician to put it out of its misery.

That panel is a mess. The triple tap is wrong and the box itself is antiquated. In my opinion I would have in my report that it is in need of replacement due to age and reliability.

Obsolete fuse box Many concerns some are ( over fuse ,more then one wire under screws, Incorrect wire entrance to box ) Needs immediate upgrade by a qualified electrician

Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback!


Connectors must have been expensive obviously.
Did you check to make sure they might not have had pennies under those fuses?:wink:
Yep, definitely antiquated and needs an upgrade very soon.

The old panel is not adequate for the current needs, let alone even close to being correct with the issues already mentioned. Time for a new panel.

Hard to imagine those old boxes are still kicking around. :slight_smile:

dammit! I totally agree. And that don’t happen very often.

i have old fuse box…the “copper socket” that fuse screws into was destroyed…i am lookn for store where i cud buy just the socket to screw bak nto fuse box allowi g me to reinsert fuse…i found old box and took a sokket out…thought all wud be smbasic same…wrong…i sure many stores wud sell but i have no help or clue…my father was my teacher,now disabled vwt who cant help me and i lost…one simple cheap made insert costing me daya of work…olease help if anyone understands

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