Here are a couple of pics from todays inspection. The outside AC units name plate was unreadable. The furnace I could not find any data on it. I am hoping someone out there in cyber land will recognize the AC unit. The furnace model# is WTF125 and the serial# has only 3x on the plate.
I am looking for age on both units.


Is this a joke?


Sorry for the snow. My camera lady only took these two pics before snow removal.

I think the model number prefix “WTF” says it all.

Thanks for the help Doug. Go play in the other forums.

Well, now Gary, why don’t you think about what the hell you are asking for here. Three extremely piss poor pictures of an Air conditioner covered in snow and you expect someone to not only figure out WTF the age is but the brand as well. Why don’t you go and get some education and learn your damn job instead of coming here every day and asking other people how to write your report for you.

Come on Master Chief thought this was the physic hot line:p

I’d say they probably are original units, so I’d guesstimate somewhere close to the construction date of the building.

Luxair for the ac and Air-Ease for the furnance.

Now now Acorn calm down. Don’t get your bp up. There might not be anyone around to safe you.

Thanks RR

Hey, Gary.

Here’s a little more information for you which, I think, goes well with what I said earlier.

Air-Ease became Magic Chef around 1984, so that makes it at least 20 years old. The Luxaire might be newer since you folks there in Ohio tend to use both heating and air conditioning, and I’m familiar with those Midwestern hot and humid summers. Cooling condensers usually give out before furnaces, so the Luxaire might be a replacement unit for the original condenser.

RR you rock, thanks