Old receptacle

I just thought this was a cool looking outlet, near the ceiling above the kitchen sink. It looks antique to me.

It’s for a clock

Yep ,see them all the time(time get it)(laugh if you have a minute)
Laugh if you have time(thats a time joke).
On second thought I take that back.
Give me a hand will you?
Am I ticking you off.
I hope not as you should take what I say at face value.
Hopefully reading this will not set you back.:slight_smile:

Hey Bob, good thing you are a home inspector and not a comedian!! LOL :roll:

hey Bob you’d better<strong>watch</strong>it telling jokes that bad in public could get you<strong>clocked</strong>.

:frowning: I tried to participate and replied with more funny time related stuff a week ago but I guess non members are not allowed to join in on the jokes as it was never posted. Hope you get to see this one. I like to help you guys out but it feels like second grade around here.:frowning: